Would you believe Mark, the owner of CuppaTea, started out a coffee aficionado? He saw the light when a friend introduced him to Matcha tea. For Mark, the subtle and gentle energy source of caffeine coupled with the abundance of other health and wellness benefits were enough to convert completely from coffee to Matcha Tea.

After becoming immersed in the Japanese culture and the history of Matcha Tea, Mark noticed most of his friends and family had never tried Matcha Tea. The friends who had tried Matcha didn’t know how to choose good Matcha Tea, or how to prepare it properly.

This lack of education around Matcha became the backbone of how CuppaTea started.

CuppaTea was started to showcase the very best of all teas. Mark has spent countless hours investigating the history of Matcha Tea, different sources of all teas, talking with tea masters, tea pickers, seeing the process and tasting hundreds of different teas so we can provide you the best selection of preeminent teas available.

Mark’s Favorite Aspect Of Tea

There is an old cultural concept in Japanese culture called Itchi-go Itchi-e, which is often translated as “for this time only.” It’s a reminder for people to cherish the time spent with anyone at the moment, as they may never happen again.

“This really hit home with me, when my wife and I had our first child. I would wake early in the morning and I would spend the morning feeding our newborn enjoying a cup of Matcha tea. This was a morning ritual that I loved. Knowing these moments wouldn’t last forever, I made sure to enjoy every morning like this for as long as possible.”

Thank you so much for visiting our website and I hope you can have more great CuppaTea moments along the way.

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