Japanese Ceremonial Whisk and Spoon

19 Reviews

Want to enjoy a great cup of Ceremonial Matcha? This is the way to do it. Our wonderful Japanese ceremonial whisk and spoon will make your tea that more delicious.

Material: Bamboo
Whisk Dimension: 2-3/8in Dia x 4-1/4in H
100 Prong
Scoop is 7.25 inches long

$29.95 $19.95

57 in stock (can be backordered)

Weight 2. oz

19 reviews for Japanese Ceremonial Whisk and Spoon

  1. Rhonda Quirin (verified owner)

    Great whisk for the price. Does the job very well.

  2. Elden Muckerman (verified owner)

    Perfect! Make the ceremonial Matcha so smooth and silky.

  3. Yolanda Chambless (verified owner)

    Love that I can have the feel of a traditional Japanese tea by using the whisk and spoon. Great addon!

  4. Maurice Shortt (verified owner)

    This made my matcha come out smooth and delicious. I do not regret getting it when I made my purchase.

  5. Florrie Petanick (verified owner)

    I decided to get this when I ordered the matcha samples bundle. It makes a great cup every time. I will get a set for my friend, because she has been complaining that here are not coming out how she expected.

  6. Ivonne Gift (verified owner)

    The work perfectly, I especially love the whisk because of how smooth it makes my matcha. I can safely make a great brew every time.

  7. Drusilla Klez (verified owner)

    I use this with my other tea products and not just my matcha. It is handy and easy t use, come on its a whisk lol

  8. Mimi Haaga (verified owner)

    I love how these make making matcha easy. With the swish of my hand I can make a magical cuppa matcha.

  9. Lilian Norzagaray (verified owner)

    I got this for my friend. She loves tea and I decides to get her some teas and matcha from here too.

  10. Emerald Carnicelli (verified owner)

    This ceremonial whisk and spoon is similar to a set I had a few year ago when I came back from china. It does its job well.

  11. Marylyn Jumper (verified owner)

    What more could I ask for when I decide to brew a ceremonial cup of matcha. It works well and it seems very durable.

  12. Chu Daquino (verified owner)

    The spoon seemed to have a weird shape when I saw it, but using it is sooo easy. It makes tea easy or easier lol

  13. Kirstin Marc (verified owner)

    I am a tea collector, so it was right that I collected this too. It makes match smoother than the other whisk I was using.

  14. Audrie Lowdermilk (verified owner)

    The material is durable and it adds to my matcha making technique. If you get this I am sure you wont have any issue making the perfect cup.

  15. Petra Suber (verified owner)

    I have tried shaking match and mixing matcha. It never came out as good as when I used this set to make it. I love!

  16. Tomika Kaemmerer (verified owner)

    Matcha can only be made right with the right tools. Buying this is how I am taking a step in the right direction.

  17. Tennille Bee (verified owner)

    I got this when I got the ceremonial matcha. It makes a perfect cup. I hope it last as long a long time because I will be getting more matcha too.

  18. Johnetta Hiraoka (verified owner)

    I have had mine for over a month and it works well every time I use it. I am getting one for my sister because she threatened to steal my whisk lol

  19. Norah Montiel (verified owner)

    This is amazing. It seems pretty durable and it fits in my hand easily. Whether I am making matcha for myself of my whole family, think I will use this.

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