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Matcha Raspberry takes CuppaTea’s Premium Matcha and combines it with a natural raspberry flavor. Wildly popular in Japan, the Matcha Raspberry blend is becoming a favorite choice for tea and coffee shops and now you can enjoy it in your own home!

Serving Size – 4g (1 tsp)
Servings Per Package – 25


66 in stock (can be backordered)

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66 in stock (can be backordered)

Unbelievable Taste: Our Premium Raspberry Matcha has been infused with raspberry extract, to give your mouth a burst of raspberry deliciousness with every sip. This makes it an extraordinary Matcha tea which you may want to drink every day once you get your first taste.

Super Drink: Both the Matcha and Raspberry extracts are rich in antioxidants (Matcha alone has been found to have more antioxidants than other “superfoods”). Why are antioxidants so important to the body? Well, antioxidants are agents that boost the body’s defenses. These agents protect your body from free radical damage, which is likely to cause the cells in the body to malfunction or die (aging). These agents also help the body fight off infections and chronic diseases.

Helps with Weight Loess: Since Matcha is also rich in catechins called EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate, it is better suited to help you with weight loss. EGCG helps your body burn more calories and has been known to suppress appetite.

Cleanses the Body: Our Premium Raspberry Matcha is packed with chlorophyll, which is an excellent detoxifier. A good detoxification removes toxins from the body, minimizes inflammation, boosts metabolism, promotes weight loss and digestion, cleans the liver and makes the skin look healthy. Compared to other green drinks, Matcha has been found to contain the highest concentration of chlorophyll, so one cup can help you achieve what you would need
10 cups of regular green tea to achieve.

All Natural Ingredients: Unprocessed cane sugar, Pure 100% Matcha green tea from Japan, Natural raspberry flavor extract. Loaded with antioxidants and low caffeine.

Hot tea brewing method: Bring filtered or freshly drawn water to a rolling boil and let cool to roughly 180 degrees F. Place approximately 1 tsp of Raspberry Matcha in your cup. Infuse with 8oz/250ml of water, whisk briskly and enjoy.

Iced Matcha: Add 1 tsp of Raspberry Matcha powder for every 8oz/250ml of water, blend with ice and enjoy.

Raspberry Matcha Smoothie: Add 1 cup of crushed ice and 1 tsp of Raspberry Matcha, 1/2 cup of fresh raspberries (optional), 8 ounces soy, almond or regular milk. Blend for 30 seconds and enjoy!


Weight 2 oz

112 reviews for Premium Raspberry Matcha

  1. Warner Lovan (verified owner)

    Excellent product and highly recommended for all tea lovers! I also loved the hint of raspberry flavor.

  2. Annette Deschino (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite go-to matcha tea. The aroma is pleasant and not very strong. The flavor is amazing.

  3. Gaston Awad (verified owner)

    I just love the raspberry flavor. I really enjoyed it.

  4. Roseline Delillo (verified owner)

    My husband loves your tea. We will be long time buyers.

  5. Ellsworth Halbritter (verified owner)

    Refreshing and delightfully light. Delivery is very good also.

  6. Ardella Frontera (verified owner)

    Yes, it is original. Taste and smell are of genuine green tea.

  7. Fermin Vaneffen (verified owner)

    Like it very much. I am having it with my morning breakfast.

  8. Stephnie Licalzi (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with the taste and texture. Cuppa Tea also has wonderful customer service too .

  9. Chong Selvey (verified owner)

    Awesome tea. Also can use it as a a smoothie.

  10. Cathleen Friesenhahn (verified owner)

    Perfect blend to refresh yourself. I have been a fan Cuppa Tea and this particular blend.

  11. Faustino Hanneken (verified owner)

    Good & Tasty as per my personal choice. I will order it soon again.

  12. Louie Secora (verified owner)

    I have been using this tea for five months, and I have seen a great change in my body. I have lost weight and even feel more energetic.

  13. Alfonzo Agerton (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this for first-time matcha uses. The taste is smooth, and the taste is of high quality.

  14. Breanne Yslas (verified owner)

    My mother is using Raspberry Matcha Tea in her daily routine and have seen great changes in her health. She has also lost good 5 kgs in her weight and is still using for proper wellbeing.

  15. Leonardo Domingez (verified owner)

    This tea is obviously very high quality and I could tell that right when I opened up. I also like the unique raspberry flavor.

  16. Rosamaria Carrelli (verified owner)

    Possibly the tastiest matcha tea I have had. I love the blueberry notes in this tea.

  17. Lucile Maymon (verified owner)

    Overall, this is a very decent tea. The smell is very nice. The flavor is also good.

  18. Don Hurtgen (verified owner)

    I love the flavor. I don’t face stomach problems and it really makes me feel light and healthy. I simply loved this product and would advise you all to try it at least once.

  19. Bobbie Lagace (verified owner)

    With the plain matcha, I usually use a bit of sugar to sweeten, but the light raspberry flavor in this really made that unnecessary.

  20. Sina Ailts (verified owner)

    WOW.I did not expect to like this as much as I do, but my goodness this tastes incredible. I mixed about 1/2 teaspoon with cold bottled water. The raspberry flavor doesn’t taste artificial and compliments the greenness of the matcha very nicely.

  21. Candida Sheff (verified owner)

    I prepared it hot and then poured it over ice with some vanilla simple syrup. I’ve been going back and forth with drinking them both each day. I don’t like the raspberry hot as much as I like the peach hot, but still, I really appreciate that it’s subtle and doesn’t take away from the grassy matcha nor does it discolor the matcha.

  22. Debera Manis (verified owner)

    The raspberry ‘flavor’ is really more of a mild aroma than anything – I can’t taste any additional sweetness or non-matcha notes when I drink this. Overall, a fun treat to add into my matcha rotation.

  23. Ilda Chevarie (verified owner)

    I love match and wanted to try out the different flavors offered. I did not get much raspberry flavor from this but it still tastes like good matcha so I will still enjoy it.

  24. Melita Tarufelli (verified owner)

    This is delicious! It is my daughter’s favorite. My favorite is the peach. However, I gave it a ‘great’ review because she is a 16-year-old who is very picky. Next week she and I are going to use this flavored matcha to make yogurt smoothies!

  25. Exie Starck (verified owner)

    I didn’t know what to expect with raspberry; but I really was pleasantly surprised. If you like raspberry tea you’ll love this matcha. None of the flavored matchas are overpowering. I like mine with just a few drops of flavored stevia.

  26. Laronda Flechas (verified owner)

    The balance between matcha and raspberry is phenomenal. I would highly recommend this for a mug cake or anything similar!

  27. Jay Vinup (verified owner)

    I have recently become hooked on Matcha Lattes from ‘the coffee company that shall not be named’, but I don’t need the massive amount of sugar that comes with it. The Raspberry gives it a tinge of a fruity taste and is great for a homemade latte.

  28. Barrie Aguillera (verified owner)

    I have Matcha for those days, you know, those I ate way too many bad foods this week, I need something to, ahem, empty me out days. Raspberry may be my favorite.

  29. Kristan Lindgren (verified owner)

    As other reviewers have said, the flavor is more of a scent than a taste, and the same is true with this Matcha Raspberry. I have been preparing it in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony style, and it’s fantastic.

  30. Phylicia Bosheers (verified owner)

    It was good. If you like Matcha and Raspberries this tea is perfect for you. It tastes like traditional Matcha with an aftertaste of raspberry that lingers delightfully.

  31. Eneida Schopmeyer (verified owner)

    I mainly use the matcha in smoothies and lattes in the morning for a morning pick me up. I absolutely love this. Adds a nice subtle fruity flavor to my lattes.

  32. Amal Pichette (verified owner)

    Not a bad flavored matcha. The raspberry fragrance is strong however I was expecting the flavor to be strong also. It was on the light side for me. I still liked it.

  33. Suzan Washum (verified owner)

    This tea is delicious! I like Matcha some. It’s not my favorite, but I drink it occasionally. This, however, will be a regular tea in my cup.

  34. Kerry Dance (verified owner)

    I am into these flavored matchas, since I am not a hardcore matcha fan and need a little flavor to convince me. I like it hot and cold!

  35. Terese Pel (verified owner)

    I’m addicted. I love this matcha it’s really high quality and I actually love that the raspberry is a nice light flavor without being too weak or strong. I’ve been making lots of matcha lattes with this and they’re amazing.

  36. Juana Molaison (verified owner)

    This is THE best matcha and possibly the best tea I have ever had. The flavor is phenomenal, and unique, and not overpowering. I absolutely love this

  37. Tony Smigaj (verified owner)

    Love this… smells like raspberry but the taste isn’t much different than normal matcha. I love it added to my smoothies in the morning as well as a tea.

  38. Berniece Fransen (verified owner)

    Oh, yummy!! Nice raspberry flavor without the sugar. It also still retains the pleasing flavor of the matcha itself; a very strong matcha flavor with a hint of raspberry. Great tea just involved to make.

  39. Hana Bulle (verified owner)

    This was my first experience with matcha. I am loving the powder when paired with non-fat yogurt, almond or coconut milk and some frozen raspberries. Double the berry power and soooo good for you!

  40. Rickie Garrish (verified owner)

    I drink this every morning. The energy and clarity it gives me without any side effects has become addictive! It tastes like matcha with just a hint of raspberry.

  41. Manda Shahinfar (verified owner)

    The matcha was surprisingly delicious. When I first saw the powder, my thought was that I would be trying to swallow this thick paste, but it was smooth and creamy with a nice flavor.

  42. Thora Heines (verified owner)

    It seems to be much less bitter than the regular matcha, but the raspberry is more of a scent than a taste. It’s also very good as a latte!

  43. Leonora Zayas (verified owner)

    Love this. Great grassy matcha flavor with enough raspberry to make it interesting. Looking forward to trying this cold brewed or in a smoothie too.

  44. Caroyln Ganze (verified owner)

    Taste like a nice cup of Matcha but if you are looking for extra flavor it really doesn’t stand out (raspberry). Tried with sugar brings out the raspberry flavor.

  45. Yessenia Crusan (verified owner)

    So delicious! It even smells scrumptious. I love with cold milk, sometimes with my protein shake, especially during this hot summer. It is replacing my coffee urges and doesn’t cause spikes and jitters. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  46. Emelda Diminich (verified owner)

    This tea tastes great! This is my first time tasting Matcha and I am aware that matcha in general has a not-so-“friendly” taste. However, this matcha is SO YUMMY! I love the raspberry taste. Give it a try!

  47. Dianne Skorski (verified owner)

    I love match tea and this is one of my favorites. I recently had a relative staying at the house and he loved it so much he bought it as soon as he got home. Excellent taste and quality.

  48. Shanti Kalinoski (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this product – wish there was more product for the $$. Didn’t realize it was sweetened. Next time, I’ll look closer at the ingredients, lol. Did enjoy very much though.

  49. Asley Body (verified owner)

    I am in love with this Tea!! Placing my third order today… I have tried other flavored blends and this by far knocks it outta the ball park! Will continue to order as long as it is available! YUMMY

  50. Laurine Digiorgio (verified owner)

    I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with this tea! I am honestly not a tea lover, but was excited to try the raspberry matcha for all of its healing benefits. The taste is wonderful and not overwhelmingly strong. I highly recommend this tea.

  51. Larraine Sovereign (verified owner)

    The matcha raspberry tea that I received is beyond what I expected!! I am in love with my order! I will be shopping here for my matcha again! Thanks Cuppa!!

  52. Delinda Charles (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd packet and it is so good and smooth I am still wondering if it is real matcha!!! I prefer the raspberry over the vanilla 100 times

  53. Shanell Rafail (verified owner)

    This is my first batch of matcha and I’m so glad I decided to start with the mixed. The raspberry flavor smells really strong but is not extremely noticeable while drinking. I drink mine cold, over ice. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

  54. Lelia Forshay (verified owner)

    This is my very first experience with Matcha tea and I love it. I have been a tea drinker for quite some time but I have my old reliable flavors that I stick with because I have had some bad experiences with new flavors over the years. I was leery of trying the matcha tea altogether until I spotted this one.

  55. Gwyneth Teat (verified owner)

    Great flavor, good price for the number of servings. I tried this product after reading that the plain Matcha had an acquired taste, so I thought I would break into the Matcha world with the raspberry flavor. Glad I did, it is a bit of a splurge for me- but the antioxidants and other health benefits it provides still makes it a better choice than a lot of other caffeine alternatives.

  56. Loria Antinoro (verified owner)

    Matcha has so many health benefits. With every sip you will know that you are doing something good for your body and general health. One serving of matcha tea is the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regularly brewed matcha.

  57. Lakiesha Birtcher (verified owner)

    I have been using this tea for the last week and I can definitely see the difference in my energy! In the beginning I took this in the morning for as my breakfast tea and it keeps me energized and full till noon. This is great if you are dieting or trying to eat and drink healthier. It’s also a good choice if you are starting a cleanse

  58. Collette Husayko (verified owner)

    The minute I opened up the bag, the odor was so refreshing. A very great scent… And hands down, this is most likely the best Matcha I’ve ever tasted. I’m happy that I gave this a shot because I’m in love with this.

  59. Danica Pataki (verified owner)

    I generally like Matcha latte from coffee shops and such, but I’ve never thought of making it myself. I can say that making tea with this Matcha tea powder tastes better than the shops I would be going to for my Matcha latte.

  60. Margarett Serum (verified owner)

    Easy to make each morning, a great and easy way to start off the day. Something else I adore about this is that it’s healthy and good for your body! I’m really glad that I was able to find a tea this tasty. I would recommend this to everyone who is in love with Matcha tea or tea in general!

  61. Marylouise Klaameyer (verified owner)

    What I love most about Matcha is that I do not feel the jittery, wired feeling after consuming it, unlike the caffeine in coffee. The energized feeling lasts for hours without the nasty energy sucking drop that I get with coffee.

  62. Madelene Hirose (verified owner)

    I usually like to make mine up just like any other hot tea, but with an added splash of milk. It’s also really good on ice! The quality of this tea is great and it quickly and fully dissolves in water so I never have to deal with any unbendable clumps of powder floating on top of my drink.

  63. Gabriele Bavier (verified owner)

    Delicious!! I’ve had a cold this past week and this was the perfect remedy. I love the raspberry flavor–just the right amount of sweetness. Makes you feel stronger with every cup.

  64. Margret Jimbo (verified owner)

    This raspberry matcha powder makes such a great, healthy drink and I’m finding myself choosing it over coffee in the morning more and more often, these days!

  65. Lai Mosbrucker (verified owner)

    I never feel the need to add any sugar or honey to it. It’s just an excellent product with an impressive list of health benefits and I highly recommend it, especially if you’ve been at all disappointed with just plain matcha.

  66. Shakia Puffer (verified owner)

    CuppaTea’s raspberry matcha tea is a refreshing drink that can be served hot or iced. It tastes pretty much how I pictured it would taste: a matcha with raspberry flavors. It’s kind of similar to those flavored teas sold in bottles or cans at the supermarket, as it’s also on the sweet side.

  67. Janell Linsky (verified owner)

    So so good. The taste of this raspberry matcha was out of this world good. Yuuuuumy. Will buy again. Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with the product and plan on continuing my usage.

  68. Loise Piatz (verified owner)

    I love the taste of this tea; it’s very light with a little bit of sweetness and a great aroma. I’m love matcha, but am weary when it comes to certain ones, since they can be a bit bitter.

  69. Arnita Makowski (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure how I would like this so I took a risk and I’m SO SO glad that I did. I actually really liked the lite flavor. It’s a good change from plain old water and I loved it. I also think it mixes well. I just put it in water and mixed then added ice.

  70. Yvone Lecorchick (verified owner)

    This is my first time trying any Matcha. I make it using the instructions on the container. I also add a little stevia and almond milk. It’s pretty yummy! I added it to my protein shake this morning and plan to do that more often.

  71. Thomasina Palma (verified owner)

    Delicious! I was nervous to try something that I have never tried before but I have to honestly say that I am in love. I have had a Raspberry Matcha smoothie every day! The green color is more like mint when mixed with milk, but is probably a deeper shade in just water

  72. Joelle Merton (verified owner)

    Highly recommend. Just the right amount of sweetness and easier to whisk than other matchas which can get clumpy even with rigorous whisking. Well priced for the quality

  73. Pura Roush (verified owner)

    This stuff smells divine and tastes good both hot and cold as a tea, I haven’t tried a smoothie yet but can only assume that it will be just as delicious. I add just a bit more than the recommended amount because I like a stronger flavor, but the recommended amount tastes great as well.

  74. Jessica Vanbuskirk (verified owner)

    This is my first experience with Matcha and I’ve been loving it! The flavor is pretty great and I love that it dissolves very easily even in cold water!

  75. Jenifer Swarm (verified owner)

    Everyone in my family loves this drink. If I’d had it to myself, I could’ve made it last a couple weeks, but it was gone in a couple of days. It’s sweetened, and great hot or cold, with water, milk, or (my favorite) coconut milk.

  76. Brandon Mutter (verified owner)

    Wonderful product! Really refreshing and made me feel great! I will make this a part of my daily routine. Will be buying again!

  77. Khalilah Nearing (verified owner)

    This is the best Matcha I have ever had. Usually matcha is bitter but the Raspberry adds a sweet taste that I love. Glad I found this. Hope you give it a try like I did.

  78. Joaquina Thurner (verified owner)

    For this to be the first time I’ve had matcha tea I was blown away I especially love the fact that I didn’t have to steep it with the diffuser. I really like the taste of it I thought it was going to taste powdery however it didn’t take as long as you stir it well. I could taste both the Raspberry and the matcha which really made it something different. Next I’m going to try to my smoothies.

  79. Vanetta Nickoley (verified owner)

    It is delicious! It mixes in my hot water well (I have not yet tried it cold), and tastes really good all the way to the bottom of the cup.

  80. Farah Lyew (verified owner)

    I bought this Matcha for my wife. She likes to use matcha in her smoothies as a caffeine replacement instead of coffee. I figured she would like the raspberry twist on the powder and she absolutely does. Since normal matcha is very bitter the raspberry adds a sweet twist to the mix.

  81. Magda Schoenherr (verified owner)

    So much deliciousness in a cup! I had heard about how delicious matcha tea was but had never tried it and I’m so glad I did! It’s super smooth to drink! I love the raspberry flavoring! I definitely recommend this tea! I can’t wait to try it iced next!

  82. Breana Gowell (verified owner)

    I really love this matcha powder. You can definitely smell and taste the raspberry. It tastes like eating an actual raspberry – not too sweet or overwhelming. It’s a great complement to the matcha flavor. We mostly use our matcha powder for making smoothies, but it is nice for tea as well.

  83. Maryam Woodall (verified owner)

    When I opened this up, it smelled so nice. It smells exactly like a mixture of raspberry and matcha. I was also surprised it tasted so good. Normally, matcha can have a slightly bitter taste. But I guess the sugar and raspberry flavoring covered that up. The taste is great.

  84. Neta Shetley (verified owner)

    This brand of raspberry matcha tea is quite good! I was not sure how I would like it, since I usually use match a with nothing added. The first time I tried it, I added it to raspberry ginger ale and shook it up! This made the tastiest, refreshing drink!

  85. Rea Kamen (verified owner)

    The raspberry did not overpower the match, but added to the great taste! No need to add any honey or sweetener. I also tried this with almond milk and a bit of heavy cream for a smoothie! Excellent flavor and texture.

  86. Marcelene Entel (verified owner)

    This is my answer! How genius! This culinary matcha powder is awesome especially for someone like me who really does not like the taste of matcha. And yet add in a little raspberry and makes it taste even better! I love how I can just add it to my morning smoothies. I love the taste and will continue buying it!!!

  87. Necole Ruegg (verified owner)

    This is very good matcha, in my opinion. It’s a pretty bright green color, and the raspberry flavor is very subtle. I made this into a latte and added a bit of stevia, as that’s how I normally drink my matcha.

  88. Azucena Goley (verified owner)

    I love this tea. Never mind the fact that everyone asks why I’m drinking something green… The taste is fresh and light, it works perfectly in the portable tea infuser! This is going to be my go-to tea from now on

  89. Ayako Hoke (verified owner)

    On the go, this is great – I just add it to my hot water and I’m off to work! I’m not really a breakfast or coffee person so having tea on the go is fine, but healthy the better!

  90. Jennie Denenberg (verified owner)

    I’m a matcha addict, and other than my daily cup of matcha and/or matcha latte, I love pretty much matcha everything, from Kit Kats to cheesecakes to truffles to custards, you name it. So naturally, when I saw raspberry matcha, my interest was piqued and I absolutely had to try it.

  91. Genevieve Wujcik (verified owner)

    The smell of raspberries is so wonderful! It doesn’t smell artificial or exaggerated, just a really lovely smell of fresh raspberries that hits your nose when you open the package.

  92. Vernon Dundon (verified owner)

    I’ve decided to go with a glass of iced matcha latte since I’ve already had a cup of hot matcha today. I didn’t use a shaker or a blender, just a whisk (first mixing in some powder with just a bit of cold almond milk, then filling up the glass). It dissolved entirely, without a problem, and I didn’t have to re-mix it later.

  93. Johnette Milan (verified owner)

    My iced raspberry matcha latte was utterly delightful. It tasted slightly fruity (berry-y?), very refreshing, and even the added sweetness wasn’t too obnoxious.

  94. Gianna Escarcega (verified owner)

    For those wondering, matcha and yogurt are quite delicious. I went with this one because I wanted something with a distinctive flavor so I knew how prominent the matcha would taste when mixed into the yogurt

  95. Theda Kalista (verified owner)

    As a traditional cup of hot matcha, the taste is super bright and strong raspberry essence! The raspberry flavor reminds me of those raspberry syrup shots you can get at a coffee shop but unsweetened. No tartness here!

  96. Madalyn Otukolo (verified owner)

    It smells like fresh raspberries. The taste is a little perfume like, but raspberry is in there. It tastes a bit better with cream and the fruity taste would probably be rounded out well with some sweetener.

  97. Bonny Barbre (verified owner)

    I have been wondering how to make matcha myself and after buying this I realized it was easier than I thought. I think I will get the whisk though.

  98. Patrica Lewczyk (verified owner)

    This is still delicious. I might try adding some frozen raspberries to it next time since I believe I have some in my freezer. Ive added them to other matcha lattes (cold) but I never managed to add the right amount of sugar for me and this time I did. 2.5 spoonful of my flat sugar spoon.

  99. Jennefer Pilkerton (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness, this smells amazing. Red juicy raspberries, guh. So much love. I am so making this into an iced tea with summer with real raspberries in it. It doesnt taste exactly like raspberries, but its darn close! Oh man its good. I need to try this iced.

  100. Ivonne Readus (verified owner)

    I needed something to relax with and for me matcha is as relaxing as it gets. I love sipping out of my little bowl. This smell amazing! Its more of a raspberry candy smell though.

  101. Jestine Wackerly (verified owner)

    My first order from CuppaTea and absolutely love this. Nice raspberry flavor that isnt overwhelming or too strong. It makes a great iced matcha latte and of course, a wonderful hot tea. Its one of the best quality matchas Ive had.

  102. Alishia Gertsch (verified owner)

    Fruit flavored matcha I find to be very refreshing! Also, I am never afraid to push myself staying up late, because drinking Matcha the next day re-energizes me. I cant believe how much energy I get from drinking matcha. Plus I have never suffered from a crash like so many other things that give energy.

  103. Winter Suren (verified owner)

    I bought this to make banana nice cream. It really added a nice flavor to it, although in this instance the raspberry wasnt as strong as I was hoping.

  104. Lida Niehoff (verified owner)

    The raspberry flavor is very noticeable but not overwhelming, and the matcha base is the same as CuppaTeas other high quality matchas.

  105. Andrea Mclennan (verified owner)

    Not “MATCHA” to say about this other than that its the BEST TASTING Matcha I have had….EVER. Drink it hot, drink it cold, mix it in a smoothie….do whatever you want. Anything with this Raspberry Matcha is great.

  106. Kathern Bucanan (verified owner)

    This is probably one of the best tasting matchas that Ive had. Its very smooth, dissolves well, and has a nice subtle raspberry flavor.

  107. Larita Colasamte (verified owner)

    Wow its really freaking good! Thats the bottom line, its the real deal, Ive had a lot of good matcha before and this stuff is up there, if youre a raspberry lover like me than its a dream come true!

  108. Loni Itani (verified owner)

    Ive never had matcha and Ive never had a latte (Iced or hot), today I had both. I thought raspberry matcha sounded like it would be good but turned out to be fantastic!

  109. Loretta Bordoy (verified owner)

    I liked this; I thought the raspberry was very sweet and natural tasting with just a tease of natural tang to it. It also didnt seem to eclipse the flavor of the matcha itself which tasted subtly grassy and very, very floral.

  110. Jessica Swem (verified owner)

    I drink matcha tea every day but honestly, I often thought it would bet so great if matcha will have some natural addition to improve taste. So, here it is,this wonderful Raspberry Matcha tea. I really-really like it!

  111. Carleen Ohlensehlen (verified owner)

    The best thing about this matcha is that it seems to be pretty versatile.I feel like I could probably use it to extend the life of some other kinds if I really wanted to. The taste is mellow and smooth, and there is no artificial taste to the raspberry flavoring.

  112. Zaida Ricley (verified owner)

    It was a yummy, creamy, smooth experience,a little light on the Matcha flavor as it sort of hid behind the raspberry, but I liked it nonetheless.

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