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Our Premium Choice Matcha is silky smooth tasting with a bright green color. This amazing product rivals the industries best Ceremonial Grade Matcha in a side by side test of; taste, color, smell and overall appearance. Of all of the Matcha, we have tasted this is by far the best everyday, anytime Matcha there is.

Serving Size – 4g (1 tsp)
Servings Per Package – 25


161 in stock (can be backordered)

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161 in stock (can be backordered)

Our Premium Organic stone-ground Matcha is vibrant green in color and possesses many healing properties and health benefits along with a smooth, savory flavor. Matcha contains far more nutrients and antioxidants than all other teas and studies have shown it lowers cholesterol as well as the risk of liver disease. Furthermore, Matcha contains a unique amino acid called L-theanine, which helps the body stay energized and the mind stays alert.

Organic and Healthy: Not only is our Premium Matcha sweet and Delicious, but it is also organic. This means that there were no GMOs used in either the growing, harvesting or manufacturing phase. Being GMO-free means that our Premium Matcha is packed with many health benefits. So you can improve your intake of antioxidants without worrying about the effects of GMOs. Studies have linked green teas like Matcha to the prevention of type 2 diabetes
and heart disease. This occurs because Matcha is able to lower cholesterol levels. It has also been shown to lower the risk of liver disease.

Weight Loss: Premium Matcha can boost your weight loss regimen or improve your overall health and all you have to do is brew it to your taste. This Cuppa Tea Premium Matcha is loaded with catechins (a class of antioxidants) known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Population-based studies have led researchers to believe that EGCG has anti-cancer properties.

Alert and Energized: Our Matcha contains an amino acid known as L-Theanine, which keeps the body alert and energized while reducing stress levels and improving sleep. The power to combat insomnia and other sleep disorders comes from our Matcha’s natural ability to relax the body. If you aren’t already drinking our Premium Matcha, you don’t know what your body is missing. One brew can do for you, what no other tea can!

Ingredients: 100% premium Matcha green tea from Japan

Weight 2 oz

176 reviews for Premium Matcha

  1. Elijah Strathmann (verified owner)

    Loved it. If you know how to make a proper Matcha Tea you won’t be disappointed. Take 1 tea spoon. Yes guys, just one. Please don’t put too much as more is not better. Go for it. Have a healthy stomach, beautiful hair and flawless skin.

  2. Petronila Jaurez (verified owner)

    I am a serious bodybuilder. I am now using this as my pre-workout. I get a good amount of energy for probably 4 hours. Far better than up and down of mainstream pre-workouts.

  3. Dewitt Washuk (verified owner)

    I am using this product for quite a while so no complaints there. Great service by Cuppa tea.

  4. Arla Koelbel (verified owner)

    When are you guys starting a monthly supply program? I know other friends and family want it delivered monthly.

  5. Connie Wichert (verified owner)

    Cuppa Tea matcha tea tea is good to taste. Best quality matcha tea in the market.

  6. Tia Waffenschmidt (verified owner)

    Nice taste and a healthy impact. Also Cuppa Tea gives it at a fair price.

  7. Mark Hochhauser (verified owner)

    Green tea has beneficial properties. Nothing more to say. Got a good deal. Go for it.

  8. Julieann Avril (verified owner)

    Premium Organic stone-ground Matcha is vibrant green in color. I loved the taste.

  9. Sammie Escobar (verified owner)

    The matcha tea is good to taste. We loved it, will buy again. Packaging also good.

  10. Niesha Sweda (verified owner)

    This tea possesses many healing properties and health benefits along with a smooth, excellent flavor.

  11. Stanford Suermann (verified owner)

    Quality maintained. Matcha contains far more nutrients and antioxidants than all other teas

  12. Latosha Schill (verified owner)

    Good taste with cheapest price possible considering the quality. I couldn’t fine cheaper deal anywhere in the market.

  13. Rodrick Klukan (verified owner)

    I have been dealing with CUppa Tea for 4 months now. 5 orders over that time. I highly recommend their products. Their premium matcha is especially good. Their customer service is brilliant too.

  14. Shanda Grignon (verified owner)

    Not only is it great, you can’t beat that price! I’ve used it in several different preparations (classic, latte, iced, iced latte, and frozen blended) and all have come out well.

  15. Jocelyn Bartula (verified owner)

    Matcha is always wonderful! The color on this one is a vibrant emerald green, the powder itself is finely ground with no tea leaf debris, and of course brews up wonderfully smooth and creamy. The taste is somewhat savory-sweet.

  16. Danna Dardon (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness gracious. This is matcha! I have had some terrible matchas from other online tea vendors that aren’t fit to drink. Made from pi lo chun? What? But I made up a very small cup just to taste it. And it is exquisite.

  17. Tara Peffers (verified owner)

    Decided to try it to see if it would help with my glucose levels. Oh my gosh! It has really made a difference. My doctor kept saying ‘Wow’ at my last appointment. And she said she doesn’t say ‘Wow’ very often at work!! She expects me to be off one of my medications soon!

  18. Dakota Engelstad (verified owner)

    This is the healthiest tea product on the site. One cup of matcha is worth about 10 cups of green tea. I love the sweet and savory texture it provides. I will be back for more when I run out.

  19. Anisa Lansden (verified owner)

    I love the quality of this matcha. I use it in smoothies as well and the taste is mild and delicious. Whenever I drink matcha, I get a natural energy boost and this matcha does not disappoint.

  20. Janine Codispot (verified owner)

    This is my first experience with matcha. Since I don’t have a bamboo whisk, I used wooden chopsticks and was able to achieve a nice froth.

  21. Wonda Apicella (verified owner)

    This matcha is by far the prettiest I’ve had, as well as the most flavorful. Matcha can be very hit or miss for me. I dislike overly creamy matcha but have found many too bitter. This one strikes a good balance. I typically make it with hot milk. Because this matcha is more flavorful, I found myself having to use less of it than other similar priced alternatives, so it is a great bang for your buck!

  22. Ashleigh Below (verified owner)

    I love this for making both hot and iced matcha lattes using almond milk and honey. Have reordered and will order again, so I always have it on hand.

  23. Eura Osman (verified owner)

    I am from Japan and am pretty picky with my matcha grade. This is a good product and the price matches the quality.

  24. Colleen Niedbalec (verified owner)

    This makes a really great cup of tea; however, I’m just too lazy to make it that often. If I were to get it more regularly, I think I would invest in one of those battery powered drink whisks. That way I could blend it easier AND have some nice frothy milk to add to it.

  25. Tonda Shettle (verified owner)

    I have been putting a teaspoon of Matcha in my breakfast smoothie every day for the past three years and have never felt healthier. I have tried different brands when traveling and found myself with an empty tin. I prefer this Matcha from CuppaTea because it is the smoothest and most delicious I have had.

  26. Madlyn Slackman (verified owner)

    Not at all bitter! Very green and refreshing, but relatively little astringency. Color was bright and vibrant green. Powder is not gritty when made into the matcha tea. I like it very much

  27. Inez Stromain (verified owner)

    I love this matcha!!!! It’s the least bitter matcha I’ve tried, and I’ve been drinking it at least twice a day. This is going to be a regular order for me now. YUM!

  28. Palma Fanti (verified owner)

    This tea is great, takes time to get adjusted to the taste but on my wellness checkup, all my vitals have returned to normal, this tea has changed my health concerns.

  29. Julian Weltzin (verified owner)

    This has become my ‘always carry with’ tea. I use this daily at home and in restaurants. I can add it to a cup of hot water or ice water for an excellent green tea drink. These are very rarely offered in restaurants and I have no shame when it comes to getting a good drink with a meal.

  30. Alethia Alfonso (verified owner)

    This was absolutely fantastic. I would definitely buy it again. I haven’t found another matcha that can match the flavor, or color of this one. If you’re new to drinking matcha, learning how to whisk it right might be a bit tricky, but it’s worth it for this matcha.

  31. Pearle Fellin (verified owner)

    Wow this stuff is actually magic. It’s so chock full of antioxidants that I just can’t believe it. I’ve noticed an improvement in my energy and focus, not to mention that my skin looks great.

  32. Nia Lebel (verified owner)

    Matcha is so versatile, and I love making smoothies with matcha, almond milk, and banana. And because it’s a powder I don’t have to deal with throwing away old leaves.

  33. Kathryne Showers (verified owner)

    This is the first matcha I ever purchased and I’m really happy with it! It’s a nice bright green (I’ve seen other ugly brownish matchas before) and it’s very smooth. I plan on using it to make ice cream and other baked goods.

  34. Imogene Puccetti (verified owner)

    I don’t actually have much experience with preparing matcha on my own before, but this seems comparable to drinks I’ve had from local coffee shops. I also made mochi using this matcha and it was absolutely delicious! I actually intend to use this for cooking more than drinking, and it works great for that!

  35. Maggie Dingess (verified owner)

    I was very excited to try this tea out. I’m a big fan of this type of tea. Loved the flavor. I will probably need to get the whisk to get a better blend of the powder. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it.

  36. Chong Douds (verified owner)

    This is my favorite tea on the planet! I love how rich and ‘green’ it tastes! I have purchased this twice before I even finished the first can. The whisk is essential to making it perfect!

  37. Easter Wiedmann (verified owner)

    I was very excited to try this tea since I absolutely love the taste of Matcha when used in cooking. I have to say, I was not disappointed. This tea was very fragrant and had that lovely vegetal taste that is true to Matcha. Just opening the bag of this and smelling it, made me want to drink some and maybe even try cooking with it. Will be keeping this tea on the list for ones to rebuy!

  38. Angella Dishman (verified owner)

    This is the first matcha I’ve ever tried, but the reviews have all been quite positive, and I’ll have to agree, this tea is smooth and vegetal without being bitter. I now drink it every morning in place of coffee, and I find I’m calmer, more energized, and feeling much healthier for it.

  39. Aline Hughen (verified owner)

    Power boost for early morning before meditation or just when I know it is going to be an adrenaline-filled Saturday. It is like a more relaxed caffeine fix, but it lasts longer and is almost immediately noticeable. Took several tries to get the process and temperatures of everything (water, mixing bowl, ‘shot glasses’) and timing.

  40. Isidra Cleverley (verified owner)

    I had never had matcha before this, so I can’t be called an authority, but this is a great tea! A little strange at first perhaps, but it has a charming, almond-like flavor. Almonds and seaweed, maybe. I’m going to use some of it to bake muffins!

  41. Kathrin Weglage (verified owner)

    I haven’t tried many varieties of matcha, but this taste wonderful and fresh! It’s easiest to mix if you pour a little water in, mix it into a paste, then pour the rest of the water in and mix again.

  42. Quyen Fineout (verified owner)

    I’m glad I gave this Matcha a go. I definitely didn’t brew the perfect cup, but I got pretty close. For those who have never tried matcha before, it looks and smells an awful lot like henna. The taste is (thankfully) much better than what you’d expect from that description.

  43. Annemarie Lionello (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this tea! I am definitely not super experienced with matcha or tea in general, so I made it wrong the first few times. Once I finally nailed it, I fell in love! This tea is so delicious! I would describe it as having a perfect mix of bitter, sweet, and a soft green tea flavor. I often use this tea to make a green tea latte. I highly recommend this tea!

  44. Janell Kapke (verified owner)

    I have not experimented much with matcha, but it is not only great for tea, it is super food. Matcha can be used for anything, ranging from ice cream to yogurt.

  45. Cheryl Botto (verified owner)

    I have never made matcha myself before, but I love that I can now make it instead of having to go to a coffee shop. Definitely a fun treat for special occasions to make between drinking regular tea!

  46. Lena Tadesse (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised by this matcha. The color and quality were good and it is a good value for the price. I highly recommend it for a daily drinking matcha.

  47. Loyce Champaco (verified owner)

    I bought this as a treat for myself. It has a smooth mouth feel, with just a touch of astringency. It’s best prepared with a matcha whisk and bowl, as that’s how to achieve the proper froth on top. If you don’t want to splurge on the extra equipment, I recommend at least buying the whisk, and using a bowl you may already own.

  48. Mitzie Delsoin (verified owner)

    Delicious Matcha! I use handheld milk frothier to mix the powder into some almond milk. It tastes delicious on its own with just milk – hot or cold! I do sometimes like adding honey to add a little bit of sweetness to it. Overall, I really recommend this!

  49. Henriette Klenke (verified owner)

    It was a little tricky figuring out the proper measurements and steeping temp but the experimentation paid off. It gives me more of a kick in the morning than any coffee I’ve had.

  50. Eladia Valerie (verified owner)

    I tend to use this particular matcha in baking, but it makes a very good brewed tea as well. It’s got a nice earthy flavor that mixes in with the naturally grassy flavors to make a cup that genuinely reminds me of warm spring days in the sun.

  51. Malisa Castellano (verified owner)

    My entire family loves this tea. It is wonderful to drink on its own, but you can also make delicious desserts with it like matcha cake and homemade matcha ice cream!

  52. Bridgett Harton (verified owner)

    The matcha tastes great! Honestly have nothing bad to say about it. As long as you have a bamboo matcha whisk it blends really nicely.

  53. Melonie Kirby (verified owner)

    This matcha has a really nice fragrance and flavor, lightly sweet and a bit vegetal. The powder is very fine and has a nice silky texture, and the color is a beautiful, vibrant green. Awesome matcha!

  54. Lynsey Linak (verified owner)

    Very fine powder and excellent taste! This is a tea where less is more. Using a reduced temperature water makes all the difference in the world to avoid bitterness.

  55. Tangela Thomas (verified owner)

    A very smooth green tea flavor here. This was my first experience with matcha and I enjoyed the distinct feel and flavor. I don’t know how often I will drink it, given the higher cost, but it’s an interesting tea experience and I am glad I tried it.

  56. Torrie Brader (verified owner)

    This tea caught me by surprise. The smell and taste are nice and all, but the way you feel after drinking just one cup is incredible. I felt a burst of energy overtake me. I felt alert and vitalized, but not overly focused and hyper like how caffeine makes me feel.

  57. Violeta Daubenspeck (verified owner)

    My first experience with matcha and it’s great! It is sweet and savory. I love the powder form but it requires some technique… I hope to master it soon! Ha-ha

  58. Jenell Spanski (verified owner)

    This was my first time with matcha and I loved it. I made a few cups of tea with it (added in a little powdered sugar because I made it too strong, and it was wonderful!), but I homemade green tea ice cream with this and that was the BEST ice cream I have ever tasted. I also add it to my morning smoothie and the matcha gives the smoothie a little earthiness and pop. It’s worth every dollar

  59. Latina Grimaud (verified owner)

    Good quality Matcha, I use a small smoothie blender to get all the clumps out when I’m making it as a latte and it won’t dissolve completely.

  60. Asley Dann (verified owner)

    I am not usually a matcha fan but purchased this to see if I could be converted. It has a nice sweet grassy flavor and mixed very well.

  61. Jennell Nicklos (verified owner)

    For the first cup I was very surprised at the intensity. This is a very ‘thick’ herbal tea taste wise, not super thick in viscosity, unless that’s your preference, but like a concentration of everything people think of when they hear the word ‘herb’. As I have a sweet tooth I add a good amount of sugar to this tea which softens the bitterness for me. I am definitely buying more.

  62. Yuko Desando (verified owner)

    I don’t think there are any words other than simply divine to describe this tea. It has a nice rich flavor and is a delight to drink.

  63. Delinda Bosse (verified owner)

    This is the best tasting matcha I have had. I love it. I make matcha lattes with unsweetened almond milk, what a nice treat.

  64. Cami Schroedel (verified owner)

    Incredible! I have tried a few different Matcha teas and this one is by far the best. Don’t buy cheap matcha. Good and bad matcha is basically night and day.

  65. Cleta Riddles (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with straight matcha. This has the pure, earthy matcha. I add a bug of maple syrup and milk for a matcha latte and love it.

  66. Carry Gutreuter (verified owner)

    This matcha is green and bright. I love it with hot milk instead of water, because then it gets a great froth going. If you don’t have a traditional tea whisk, a regular cooking one works rather well.

  67. Marylin Dondero (verified owner)

    Fresh and clean tasting. This seems to stay fresh for much longer than most matchas I get from other places. Sweet and grassy flavor with a thick and creamy mouth feel. Bubbles up nicely in the cup as well.

  68. Franchesca Kinsley (verified owner)

    I has never had matcha before and so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Following the directions, this turned into quite a smooth cup, nicely frothy. Not my favorite tea, but it was a nice experience.

  69. Jane Gualdoni (verified owner)

    The ritual of making Matcha is so much better when you have the best ingredients to go with it. A very fine powder that tastes very fine indeed.

  70. Felicitas Roeser (verified owner)

    I religiously drank this for 5 – 6 days straight and I’m not kidding when I say, I felt better. I truly think this tea is excellent for you and you will feel the difference. If I could convince everyone to give it a try, I would. In a word full of deficient diets, I think this tea will help your body feel better in a natural way.

  71. Marylouise Hones (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about this tea! It is a vibrant green color and has the classic bright green grassy taste. I have prepared it hot, iced, and mixed with sencha. It brews a cup so green it almost looks fake, but one sip and you know it is the real thing. Smooth and creamy, I would say this is one of my new favorite teas. The tea itself is a very fine powder with no debris or leaves.

  72. Selma Gunkelman (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this Matcha quite a bit. Vibrant green, and froths nicely. I have ordered this several times and probably will continue to. Tastes Great and more affordable than other Matchas.

  73. Tomika Pehler (verified owner)

    This is the first matcha I’ve tried so I can’t compare it to anything else, but it makes a great bowl of tea and feels invigorating to drink.

  74. Toni Garnow (verified owner)

    I think I enjoy the process of making matcha just as much as I enjoy the matcha. Not to strong or grassy, very pleasant.

  75. Royce Lemans (verified owner)

    This is obviously very fine tea. I only purchased the bamboo whisk because it’s very fine and I wasn’t sure I had anything already that compared. I’ve been able to live without the other accessories.

  76. Yukiko Valentine (verified owner)

    The tea is not as naturally sweet as I expected it would be and you need to drink it quickly or it will settle. All that being said. It’s a fun treat. It was described to me like ‘the espresso of tea’ that sums it yup. A quick blast of flavor and caffeine. It’s fussy but fun.

  77. Micaela Zlaten (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this matcha! I’ve lived in Japan for 10 years and it is high quality, authentic matcha. I use it nearly every day.

  78. Tamatha Marcell (verified owner)

    I’ve honestly only used this in a blender for my morning shakes so far. I’ll try brewing it and will report back once I do. This matcha is far better than another industrial-grade brand I’ve used

  79. Cecelia Zehender (verified owner)

    This Matcha tea is the real deal. It is light and has a floral like undertone. Oh and did I mention it is packed with many health qualities plus energy!

  80. Laila Dalhover (verified owner)

    I used this matcha for classic hot tea, latte, and frozen blended drinks, and I commend it! I haven’t had enough matcha to consider myself able to compare (in fact, I’ve only ever owned this one) but it suited what I needed it for spectacularly. It’s a fine, bright green powder that blends very well.

  81. Theresa Dales (verified owner)

    Definitely the most ‘green’ of green teas I’ve ever tried – vegetable flavor in a good way. Turned out a VERY vivid color, too.

  82. Drusilla Hitchingham (verified owner)

    I’m new to matcha so I was afraid I just wasn’t going to like the stuff. I’ve had it before but I think it was brewed wrong because I hated it. I made this myself and it was quick, simple, and delicious. I would recommend this to anyone.

  83. January Morral (verified owner)

    This is the first and only matcha I’ve ever bought to prepare at home. I like it so much I hardly ever buy matcha when I’m away from home now.

  84. Daisy Mailhiot (verified owner)

    The perfect matcha. Greener than green, the expected matcha bitterness with sweetness underneath. I had it iced with almond milk.

  85. Gearldine Vlach (verified owner)

    I have use this every day for almost two months and feel like my spring allergies are less pronounced than they usually are this time around.

  86. Celestina Kudron (verified owner)

    I have made drinking a cup a Matcha first thing in a morning as part of my daily routine. I feel more energized during the day and am starting to feel the other benefits from drinking this tea regularly.

  87. Neida Youngblood (verified owner)

    this tea is a little tricky, be sure not to use too much and you would need to REALLY like green tea to enjoy this!

  88. Georgia Vahey (verified owner)

    A delicious tea with a lovely flavor that reminds me of a buttered biscuit. It also has a very nice body to it. This is my favorite afternoon pick me up of late.

  89. Caterina Nalevanko (verified owner)

    The tea has a great umami flavor and I love it with almond milk + stevia. Got to get some red bean paste for a milk tea sometime.

  90. Blanche Ryun (verified owner)

    I’m still working on improving my matcha preparation methods, but even prepared by a beginner like myself, this tea is very good. I seem to enjoy my matcha a bit weaker than is standard.

  91. Eleanor Arrojo (verified owner)

    Wow, this is fantastic! I was entirely prepared to hate it and just drink it for the health benefits, but it’s sweet and melting and gives an amazing boost of energy that really adds a lovely pop to the day. This goes right to the top of my regular order, especially since it turns out everyone in the house has been sneaking their own cups.

  92. Betty Wellenstein (verified owner)

    High grade, very good quality matcha – I prefer it on its own but if drinking matcha lattes, I love it with coconut milk as I feel that dairy overpowers the subtle flavors.

  93. Hollis Losano (verified owner)

    A robust, flavorful matcha at a great price. I have had matcha that I disliked in the past–too bitter, too tomato-like, etc.–but this has a great flavor and a beautiful color, especially for the price.

  94. Fay Lamarta (verified owner)

    I’m learning how this tea works. I love the ritual of sifting, blending, whisking & pouring. A little goes a long way, my first few cups I made using too much powder, but I’m happy with every cup now. And the color, talk about Spring Green.

  95. Librada Heid (verified owner)

    Incredible taste, incredible benefits. I’ve successfully kicked my coffee habit thanks to this quality matcha. Mix with raw honey, and a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil to this tea for a delicious velvet-smooth drink with great health benefits

  96. Donnie Pessin (verified owner)

    This is the best price for good Matcha that I can find. Great flavor. Took some practice to make properly, learn the correct way, it’s worth it.

  97. Kristan Kisro (verified owner)

    Took a few tries before I managed to get this to turn out right, but now that I have I can’t wait to dive into the other Matcha teas!

  98. Dovie Toye (verified owner)

    For me, the tea represented my time in Japan, which I really enjoyed, and the cultural piece of drinking this tea was my favorite part. It is otherwise pleasant among the green teas, and also makes good baked goods.

  99. Lyla Keri (verified owner)

    What a treat to get such a good quality Matcha. I have not experienced this before and my first cup was a little strong, but I have since read about proper preparation and have been enjoying a very green but not bitter tea. I sometimes mix this in with my protein shakes for extra benefits.

  100. Tatum Depiro (verified owner)

    This matcha is smooth and so bright green! I made some into a latte with a slight amount of sugar for a couple of people that swore they hate matcha. They both loved it.

  101. Lorenza Ruscio (verified owner)

    I’ve had matcha in drinks before, but it does not compare to the real stuff! It is super green and tastes amazing! I will say that I used a full teaspoon the first time, and it makes it super strong. While I love super strong flavors, it’s just too much when it comes to matcha.

  102. Minh Savka (verified owner)

    I love Matcha flavored things, so I decided to finally buy the tea and I was led here. This matcha didn’t disappoint me at all! It has a nice grassy taste and is mildly sweet.

  103. Gabrielle Vogelgesang (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious, even better than the matcha over ice from Starbucks. I will be ordering again. So yummy and the rich flavor is mesmerizing

  104. Kimi Gun (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite teas. Slightly sweet grassy flavor that isn’t bitter. It’s my go-to. I love that you can mix it up quickly and the caffeine doesn’t leave you jittery.

  105. Page Latko (verified owner)

    This is a good product. I am no expert but when I tasted the quality of the Matcha I felt like I had found gold. I have never had such a rich Matcha before.

  106. Whitney Dingivan (verified owner)

    This is my first matcha tea and I love it. Its one of the best green teas I ever had. One thing that I would recommend to other buyers is that you focus on this tea when drinking it. Otherwise, you may find that the matcha has separated from the water.

  107. Iesha Craan (verified owner)

    This was my first time every trying matcha. Its different that s for sure. Its strong, refreshing, and smooth at the same time. I think it would be good in a smoothie.

  108. Kristan Mase (verified owner)

    Love this tea. I tried sifting the tea to see if it made a difference for taste and it didnt t. I think its high-quality and have been drinking this tea for years!

  109. Ji Tavolacci (verified owner)

    This is the best tasting matcha Ive found! Im willing to pay a bit more for CuppaTeas matchas even though Ive found cheaper options because its really good. Even so its not super expensive (for matcha). I drink this nearly every day!

  110. Sigrid Buechel (verified owner)

    I explored other more expensive brands that have excellent reputations. None were as smooth as CuppaTeas matcha when prepared at full strength. I enjoy it hot as well as iced.

  111. Amada Mcbeath (verified owner)

    I don t usually drink matcha, but I bought this to put in smoothies to add a boost. I cant really taste it, but I definitely feel like it gives me a good morning boost.

  112. Lyla Lapari (verified owner)

    The tea tastes great. I havent been able to get mine as frothy as my friend made it the first time I had Matcha, but I know that is my error. I will ask her the secret and try again.

  113. Verdell Hannula (verified owner)

    I was scared to buy this because its pricey and I was afraid that I would hate it but I dont! Its not sweet at all and I guess it tastes like how I expected it, but I like it more than I thought I would. I bet it would be nice with honey.

  114. Lissette Janhunen (verified owner)

    Tried this one for the very first time. I heard it was the healthiest tea you could drink. I got it for my dad for Fathers Day since hes been trying to drink a lot of green teas lately. It takes an acquired taste at first if youve never had matcha, but Im growing to love it.

  115. Eura Poquette (verified owner)

    This is our first experience with matcha so we dont know how well we are doing. We watched several videos on how to make traditional matcha. We havent tried a latte yet.

  116. Julieann Rauer (verified owner)

    It has a great smooth flavor that isnt as bitter as cafe or cooking-grade matcha. The green is very intense even a few months after ordering, and it tastes as fresh as it looks. The grind is fine and without debris and it whips up a good froth.

  117. Jacalyn Wipfli (verified owner)

    What a great Matcha Tea! I love to prepare it when my friends come over, it tastes great and has that beautiful and strong green color. Quality was first class and after just one cup you will feel much more rested.

  118. Roxanne Rexroat (verified owner)

    One of my favorites, I just feel in love with that taste. I love adding some milk and honey. Matcha Teas are very healthy and plus have a great taste. Hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

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    I will definitely order more, truly great quality. One of the best I have ever tried. Follow the instructions provided in the description and enjoy at every sip! Delivery was fast and precise.

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    A drink for every day! Drink it in the morning every day like I do and you will fell much more rested. Great taste, I usually add some milk and sugar and enjoy at every sip!

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    I like to drink it while studying, it really helps me to concentrate and also makes me feel more rested and energetic. It has a beautiful green color and it smells wonderful.

  123. Nelida Lovell (verified owner)

    Very nice taste, it doesnt take much time to learn how to prepare it well. I drink it almost every day because it is very healthy, try it with some milk and instead of sugar try adding some honey. Enjoy!

  124. Joyce Heidenescher (verified owner)

    Havent tried Matcha Teas before, but this one really has a beautiful green color and aroma. I wasnt expecting that I would like it this much. Good work CuppaTea, stay the best!

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    Matcha teas are great, very good for high cholesterol and digestion. This Matcha Green Tea has perfect quality and I would recommend it to anyone. Drink it as much as you can and I promise you will feel much healthier.

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    Just beautiful green color, it reminds me of grass fields during spring. Not a big fan of teas, but this Matcha Tea is really something else. Great aroma and I believe everyone will like this taste.

  127. Rema Boesen (verified owner)

    Perfect Matcha Tea, great work Cuppa Tea. I actually like to drink it cold, it really freshens you up. Since I started drinking it I feel much more hydrated, and I dont wake up in the morning with dry throat.

  128. Adelia Hundley (verified owner)

    My husband just loves this tea, he drinks it all the time. I ordered a whole package for his birthday, Im sure he will really like the surprise. Thank you CuppaTea for making my husband drink something healthy for once in his life.

  129. Larue Dutter (verified owner)

    My whole family drinks this tea every night before going to sleep. I think that the kids really like that green color, I add little milk to it and it tastes just perfect!

  130. Senaida Niggemann (verified owner)

    Tried Match Tea first time when I was visiting Japan, and just loved it. I order all the time at CuppaTea and I believe that they provide the best quality teas on the market. Feel free to order!

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    The best Matcha Tea you will ever try, trust me! It doesnt matter if you are a tea lover or not, you will just love this taste. Very healthy with beautiful taste and all in one cup. Enjoy!

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    I dont believe that I have ever seen a Matcha Tea with such a strong color, and plus its all natural ingredients. The price is okay and the quality is great. Would recommend to anyone!

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    Good for long hot summer nights and even better for chilly winter days, you can drink it cold or hot it tastes great all the same. Loved it from the first day!

  139. Rossie Sweesy (verified owner)

    Add some honey and you will get a great combination of flavors and all packed in one healthy cup of tea! Plus there is that beautiful natural green color.

  140. Willia Rote (verified owner)

    A big lover of all teas, drinking them since I was I little child. This Matcha Green Tea is definitely one of the best I have ever tried and trust me I tried a lot of teas.

  141. Latarsha Brittian (verified owner)

    If you want healthy, natural and very high quality tea I believe Cuppa Tea is the wright place for you. Tried a few different products and they were all great, you just need to pick the taste you like the most.

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    Really nice tea, I was surprised how well it tasted. Its just incredible how they managed to get that natural green color. Good taste and beautiful smell.

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    It looks really nice, you can prepare it for your friends if you want to be original. Add some milk and honey on the side and I believe all of your friends will love it.

  146. Leonore Maysonet (verified owner)

    It helps me remember spring during this long winter nights, I just love to drink it while in bed watching some good movie with my loved one. Good work Cuppa Tea!

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    I drink it with my colleagues in the office, its a must have as a side drink at every breakfast. I can freely say that this tea warms your body and soul. Enjoyed every sip!

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    Once you go Matcha Tea you cant go back, I am sure of that. Just perfect quality, the green tea flavor really stands out, and the green color just makes me want it even more!

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    If you are a doctor you will know that green tea is one of the best teas for a healthy organism. It helps in every possible way, from making you feel more rested to lowering your cholesterol. High recommendations for this Matcha Tea.

  150. Alene Tenorio (verified owner)

    I have seen some non alcoholic cocktails with Matcha Tea, they really taste good and have strong colors. Ordered this Matcha Green Tea and I started making some homemade cocktails, looks like you can mix this Matcha Tea with almost anything you want.

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    If you are bored with the same old teas and throwing out old leaves, Matcha Green Tea is the best choice for you. It tastes unbelievable good and has a beautiful green color.

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    I have read somewhere that Matcha Teas are much healthier than regular teas. This one has a great taste plus you get a strong green color and finest aroma.

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    I would recommend this tea to anyone, really enjoyed it and I must admit that I was a little skeptical how would it taste before I tried it for the first time, now I cant get enough of it.

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    I have been ordering teas from CuppaTea for some time now, and all I can say is that I am very satisfied with the quality of their teas and this Matcha Green Tea is one of the best I have tried so far.

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    Best quality Matcha Green Tea I have ever tasted. I just cant believe how you have managed to preserve so much flavor and make it so healthy. 100% natural, I am sure of that.

  157. Apolonia Moronta (verified owner)

    You can mix Matcha Teas with almost anything you like, but I would recommend drinking this one pure. It has that strong grassy taste and has some sweetness so you dont have to add any sugar to it.

  158. Tamala Obaker (verified owner)

    My mother bought me this tea, and at first, I didnt even want to try it. It took me some time to perfect mi skills at preparing a good Matcha Tea but it was worth the trouble.

  159. Antonio Sartorelli (verified owner)

    Very healthy, as I heard Matcha Green Tea is one the healthiest drinks you can have. CuppaTea provides truly high quality Matcha Teas so I believe you will enjoy every sip.

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    Intense green color makes this tea look very nice on the eye, and great taste makes it even better when you try it. Ordering for some time now, and I can say that the quality is high and doesnt vary from order to order.

  161. Janelle Gotthard (verified owner)

    I drink it every day instead of coffee now, and I was a coffee addict I must admit. I feel much healthier now, and I must say that in the morning this Matcha Green Tea will make you feel a lot more energetic than a cup of coffee.

  162. Tula Dehm (verified owner)

    So far, I have been drinking Matcha Green Tea on its own, but I heard you can use it in a lot of different ways. Looks like Matcha Teas are very versatile, and the flavor is simply perfect.

  163. Mathilda Oquinn (verified owner)

    I drink this tea every day, I can tell you that I am feeling like a new man. Drink it sometimes when I work out, it keeps me hydrated and I can just feel the energy running through my veins.

  164. Sondra Longsworth (verified owner)

    Just love that spring green color, great aroma, even better quality and if you want to know how it tastes you will have to try it. Definitely one of the best drinks I have ever had. Thanks CuppaTea!

  165. Vanetta Mattia (verified owner)

    I drink it as a latte and must say that it really gives beautiful aroma. You just need to find the best way you like to drink it, it is very healthy and lets be honest we all need to eat and drink a little healthier.

  166. Caitlin Rupprecht (verified owner)

    Tried it at Japan for the first time, and if you compare the quality of this CuppaTea Matcha Tea with other Matcha Teas you will see why this will be your best choice.

  167. Tam Souders (verified owner)

    Started drinking this tea because of my girlfriend, she drinks it all the time. The first thing I was attracted to was the intense green color, I drink with a lot of honey and really the taste every time!

  168. Laurinda Mccombs (verified owner)

    It takes some time to perfect the preparation of this Matcha Tea, but that part is very interesting and when you make a Matcha Tea with dosage that you like you will get the best possible tea.

  169. Georgina Golkin (verified owner)

    Great grassy taste with a little bitter kick at the end, just perfect combination of flavors! Maybe not a tea for everyone, but if You love green tea you will most certainly enjoy this Matcha Green Tea.

  170. Larhonda Schlinker (verified owner)

    Very good for digestion. I must say since I started drinking this tea every day I dont get heartburn after a late meal or spicy food. It really helped me and would recommend this Matcha Green Tea to anyone with similar problem.

  171. Silva Bacigalupo (verified owner)

    I must say that I feel like I am for Japan while making this tea. The preparation of this tea looks like some type of ritual, and that part is very interesting. In the end you get a beautiful and healthy drink, with intense green color.

  172. Kerrie Wilbers (verified owner)

    I think that green teas are healthiest drinks in the world! I just love them, and Matcha teas are much more better than regular teas, so I believe you will enjoy every sip you take.

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    Well it was a little tricky at the start, but finally I have mastered the skill of making great Matcha tea. CuppaTea has the best products, and this Matcha Green Tea is one of their best products!

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    I can freely say that I have replaced water with this Matcha tea. Just great aroma and quality. You will be delighted with the color and smell I promise you that.

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