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CuppaTea’s Baker’s Blend Culinary Matcha is harvested in August instead of spring, making this Culinary Matcha very high in catechins and renders an earthier, slightly more astringent flavor. This unique flavor makes our Baker’s Blend Culinary Matcha ideal for; cupcakes, pies, cake’s as well as ice cream and frozen drinks.


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97 in stock

Perfect for Drinking and Baking: Although the flavor profile is different from traditional Matcha, Bakers Blend Culinary Matcha is perfect for drinking since it is still premium quality tea. But the main use of this Matcha is to enhance your baked treats. This means you can safely use it in cakes, cookies, pies, bread, and cupcakes in order to infuse them with the minerals and vitamins contained in this green powder.

Keeps the Body Healthy and Young:
Culinary grade Matcha has pretty much the same health benefits as ceremonial grade Matcha. This tea is considered a “superfood.” And compared to other teas on the market, Matcha has been shown to contain a significant amount of antioxidants, which are known for their anti-aging effects and their ability to protect the body from infections and chronic diseases.

Weight Loss Aid: Matcha has been known to help people with weight loss, thanks to catechins known as EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). Matcha has a significantly high concentration of EGCG, which aids in weight loss by increasing the rate at which the body burns calories while also minimizing appetite. This is helpful because you can create healthy baked treats that also have a positive effect on the way the body burns calories.

Better than Coffee:
Matcha does a better job at keeping the mind and body alert and energized than coffee, thanks to an amino acid known as L-Theanine. Coffee is known to give people a good jolt, but this is often followed by what many call the “post-caffeine drowsiness” or a “crash”. Matcha does not have this side-effect. So you can bake with it, or even add it to your smoothies without worry about an after effect.

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115 reviews for Culinary Matcha

  1. Coleman Ardizzone (verified owner)

    Best cooking matcha ever. Fast delivery from cuppa tea.

  2. Bernard Wilbers (verified owner)

    Add these delicious little delights to your morning breakfast to get your day started off the right way with Banana Matcha Muffins!

  3. Jeanmarie Lumantas (verified owner)

    Very nice product and delivery is very good.

  4. Eldridge Winsted (verified owner)

    This matcha very high in catechins and renders an earthier, slightly more astringent flavor. I will be a long time customer.

  5. Herminia Pilz (verified owner)

    Matcha green tea is very healthy. This matcha tea is also great for cupcakes, pies, cakes as well as ice cream and frozen drinks.

  6. Angel Preast (verified owner)

    Good packaging. Fast shipping. Helpful company. I highly recommend them.

  7. Leena Vansteenberg (verified owner)

    Great matcha tea. Taste good and economical.

  8. Isaac Razze (verified owner)

    Timely delivery and product was same as displayed on website. Thumbs up!!!

  9. Dewey Levoy (verified owner)

    And also very easy to cook with.

  10. Natasha Kronau (verified owner)

    One of the best Green Tea out there. Original & helpful product.

  11. Norberto Sternberg (verified owner)

    Best in the market and also in this price segment. I am loving it. Go for it .Value for money.

  12. Alane Santellana (verified owner)

    Nice product. Good quality. Thanks to “Cuppa Tea” which brings best quality teas at a very good price.

  13. Colton Neas (verified owner)

    Wonderful flavor for people who prefer good tea. This is delicious to cook with for your morning breakfast.

  14. Lenna Campau (verified owner)

    Tastes better than any green tea. I cook with this bakers blend at least twice per week.

  15. Owen Petrossian (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. Very light and healthy tea, really helps for weight loss. And Cuppa Tea provides you with reasonable rates and very proper packaging. Awesome product!! Just loved it.

  16. Magdalena Caltagirone (verified owner)

    Pure natural taste. My Morning Mania is crazy, I look forward to cooking breakfast with this a couple of times per week. I loved it.

  17. Orlando Pennella (verified owner)

    A sensational product, good quality packaging. We cook with it a couple of times a week. You have to try matcha waffles. You will thank me later.

  18. Jarrod Helgert (verified owner)

    Just loved it. It is tasty and healthy too.

  19. Valentine Discenza (verified owner)

    Who would have thought that Matcha would taste so good cooked! I tried the Banana muffin recipe, not only did they come out perfect, they tasted excellent!

  20. Brittani Wisecarver (verified owner)

    I mix Bakers Matcha with my blended juice with includes, golden delicious apples, broccoli, cucumber, kale, kiwi, and some natural orange juice. The taste is so refreshingly good!

  21. Evelynn Spruel (verified owner)

    The high grassy notes and earthy taste is something to be enjoyed while relaxing and contemplating, seriously the overall enjoyment is soothing. Definitely a must.

  22. Ashly Bargerstock (verified owner)

    If your matcha does not taste to you, then you should use the premium or ceremonial matcha. Bakers Blend is 100% premium matcha, how fantastic is that?! I bake every weekend with this.

  23. Laquanda Barley (verified owner)

    Cuppa Tea happens to have a range of high quality Matcha out there, including the Bakers Blend. There is no other place I would go to order!

  24. Stasia Stasser (verified owner)

    I mix this with my Mornflake Muesli, great way to start my morning giving me an extra energy boost is so necessary in my job that can be very stressful at times.

  25. Kristi Mcnary (verified owner)

    You should try making a Matcha green tea mug cake with this. Absolutely delicious! 4 tbsp of all purpose flour, 1tsp bakers blend powder, tsp baking powder, 1tbsp granulated sugar or add more if you prefer a sweeter dessert, 3 tbsp 45 ml nonfat milk, tbsp 7.5 ml vegetable oil.

  26. Lakeisha Mcclinton (verified owner)

    The package arrived as I was running out to catch my flight for my vacation, so I brought it along. Being in the Caribbean I was trying to think what I could add to my Matcha, when it came to me. Why not use the mangoes. Mango Matcha smoothies was soooo good!

  27. Florence Reeher (verified owner)

    I added Bakers Blend to my Hummus, I love Hummus with a passion but when I added the Matcha, WOW! What a great idea, so tasty!

  28. Shawn Hauptly (verified owner)

    Well guys guess what, you can add Match powder to about anything you have an imagination for, the taste is endless and the benefits always amazing!

  29. Pearlie Kamrowski (verified owner)

    We add this to our Quinoa salad, although it is not the main ingredient, it certainly would not taste nearly as delicious without it. Got to try it!

  30. Tamesha Oconnor (verified owner)

    In the winter I make a hearty soup with all the vegetables and beef, I decided to add Matcha to it. It gave the soup such a robust flavor, will continue to make it like this hopefully it will keep the winter colds away.

  31. Manda Aceuedo (verified owner)

    Make some Dark Chocolate Date Bars. Sweet dates and rich cocoa powder combine nicely with the earthy matcha powder topping. The caramel like taste of dates will be a welcome change from the more acute sweetness of white sugar found in many bars

  32. Sadye Puett (verified owner)

    I have tried a few chocolate recipes with the Bakers Blend, but nothing quite compares to making Chocolate Matcha Butter cups ummm ummm! Coconut butter and matcha powder combine with a bit of almond flour to create that chewy center and finish off the cups with matcha mixed with sea salt and sprinkle on top.

  33. Melania Sindlinger (verified owner)

    One of my favorite recipes with this Matcha blend is Matcha Cucumber Lemonade, the healthier version to sugar packed lemonade of our youth. Cucumber, mint and matcha add subtle, refreshing flavors while a hint of agave or honey helps sweeten the mixture just enough.

  34. Malena Tatsch (verified owner)

    Even though I do not like drinking Matcha tea, I really enjoy cooking and baking with it, certainly gives my food a unique and enjoyable flavor every time.

  35. Laticia Belarmino (verified owner)

    You cannot beat this brand of Matcha, for people who have not tried baking with it, are missing out enormously. Get your baking pans out and use your imagination!

  36. Carol Landkamer (verified owner)

    Matcha powder is an insanely easy way to add the goodness of this powerful weight loss product to your favorite baked goods. Try adding a tablespoon or two to your favorite cookie, cake and muffin recipes.

  37. Leanne Bardeen (verified owner)

    Try using it on poached fish or chicken or making sauces with Matcha, even a super healthy vegetable soup. You can do the same for light desserts, like poached pears.

  38. Faye Zaborac (verified owner)

    We add a little energy boost and extra flavor to our usual yogurt bowl or morning oatmeal habit, this gives us the nutrition and goodness required for the day.

  39. Leanne Nissila (verified owner)

    Ok folks five minutes five ingredients, that all it takes for a Berrytopped Matcha Chia Seed pudding! All you need is almond milk, matcha powder, chia seeds, maple syrup I prefer honey and a fresh fruit topping of your choice. The proof is in the pudding!

  40. Leah Mcauly (verified owner)

    There are so many sites showing you how you can incorporate matcha into world via food, what better way to start a healthy life style.

  41. Merissa Daber (verified owner)

    My daughter lives in the US and told me that Matcha makes a wonderful tenderizer. I googled it and found you use two tablespoons of Matcha and the same amount of sea salt, which I did to my steaks. I left it in the fridge for 12 hours before rinsing the green rub off and marinating it for another 12 hours in my favorite sauce for BBQing. The steak melted in my mouth like butter.

  42. Myrtis Duvernois (verified owner)

    I recommend a latte with this powder, however me being lazy and not wanting to steam anything, I just opted to add a little milk to make it a bit of an Au Lait. I was pleasantly surprised how good it tasted, will experiment more in the future.

  43. Tamera Lysak (verified owner)

    I bought my grandmother a couple of pouches as a gift, she has not stopped baking since, so nice to get gifts back in a form of a matcha chocolate cake or equally as good pie

  44. Kara Roselle (verified owner)

    When it comes to preparing meals and beverages for my family, one thing is always a priority healthy nutrition. This is why I will keep buying from Cuppa Tea!

  45. Bessie Mientka (verified owner)

    Bakers Blend is a wonderful premium green tea powder which is unique to Japan, never tasted anything like it. I am so happy that when I consume it that I get so much benefit from it.

  46. Christel Duble (verified owner)

    Matcha Green Tea powder has gotten a lot of attention lately, it seems like everyone is drinking it nowadays and there is so many reasons to do so. I happy to be on the band wagon with Bakers Blend!

  47. Rhiannon Millon (verified owner)

    Nothing better than being able to get your nutrients, antioxidants as well as your fiber intake in a lovely cake

  48. Kerstin Ster (verified owner)

    Imagine all the benefits you get while making smoothies, lattes and baking goodies; Antioxidants, especially EGCg, boost metabolism, detoxifies effectively and naturally, full of fiber and vitamins, enhanced mood and aids in concentration, while also calming the mind and relaxing the body, and last, but not least, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar thus preventing diseases related to these health problems.

  49. Evangeline Hosendove (verified owner)

    As an addition to our everyday diet, Match Bakers Blend has proven to be versatile and flexible. It can be prepared in at least four ways; as a ceremonial tea, in lattes, frappes and smoothies and desserts and baking.

  50. Rutha Phelan (verified owner)

    If your children are like mine, will not eat their greens and always fight you on it, Bakers Blend is a great way to incorporate it into their food where can mask so of the taste of Matcha that some people do not like.

  51. Fern Oehm (verified owner)

    Using Bakers Blend for culinary purposes are endless! The more creative you are the more you get out of this product. It is so amazingly good.

  52. Sheridan Laracuente (verified owner)

    The quality you receive in the pouches is worth the money, very happy with my Bakers Blend, will be definitely promoting it to as many people as I can, for the health benefits for sure.

  53. Stacey Mccalla (verified owner)

    Since baking and making beverages with matcha on and off for 3 months, I have found that my endurance level has gone up considerably, I am able to get through my intense workout easier.

  54. Penny Carrithers (verified owner)

    I have been sleeping sooo much better these day, and get up feeling energized, instead of feeling like I only slept for 2 hours. Stop drinking coffee altogether.

  55. Nicol Gretter (verified owner)

    Love my Bakers Blend and love the fact that Cuppa Tea provided some recipes to start you off with, brilliant idea, and way to go to encourage peoples creative minds!

  56. Kiley Wmith (verified owner)

    I am happy with my purchase, this matcha powder has a smooth and silky texture. Rich and aromatic smell as well as flavor, you can mix it in nearly everything and anything.

  57. Dolores Bodrey (verified owner)

    I kept hearing about Matcha from other coffee addicts and how much mellow it is and how awake they felt in the mornings. Peer pressure had me searching, and came across Cuppa Tea, since it was my first I bought the cheaper one as I intended to make lattes with it. I have fallen in love, it is sooo good!

  58. Margeret Newby (verified owner)

    Five stars for you Cuppa Tea, very impressed with all your teas, but particularly for Bakers Blend, since I am an avid bakers and health freak

  59. Kai Austad (verified owner)

    I am not a matcha connoisseur, but as an amateur I like the matcha a lot, the color and quality of the matcha was good, and my smoothie I made was delish!

  60. Micha Renken (verified owner)

    I have been a matcha addict for 7 years now I never knew it would take me THAT long and multiple brands and types before find the perfect one for my baking goodies! Cuppa Tea, two thumbs up to you!

  61. Ramonita Viel (verified owner)

    I have been playing with Green Matcha recipes. I have been feeling under the weather, so lots of honey and warm coconut milk. I warmed up 1 cup of local coconut milk, mixed in tsp of Bakers Blend powder, and added tbsp of honey. I loved the flavor of the coconut milk and Matcha Bakers Blend because it tasted sweetly deliciously good and warming. The green color was beautiful!

  62. Sandie Crum (verified owner)

    If you are looking for an alternative to coffee you should give this a try, as you can use it in drinks, smoothies, and baking while it offers you a long lasting mild energy boost that keeps me going for hours.

  63. Blossom Marona (verified owner)

    I made frappe with this, outstandingly tasty, and great benefits for my health overall. My dad was quite surprised at how it tasted and said he loved it!

  64. Chelsie Bellany (verified owner)

    Love matcha just as much as I love lamb curry, so yup! I decided to make a matcha curry, and boy was it green. However, it did smell curry which to me was good, but the taste definitely had matcha in it. Delectable!

  65. Chieko Browder (verified owner)

    What would I do without my Cuppa Tea Matcha Bakers Blend, the energy and the antioxidants and the other benefits is a life saver for my health in so many ways. Thank you!

  66. Mamie Steffel (verified owner)

    I have made ice cream with this amazing stuff, adding mint and chocolate. Nothing better than getting your just dessert along with your healthy nutrition.

  67. Elena Denning (verified owner)

    I live a low carb/keto lifestyle, and this fits perfectly into the way I eat and with only 1g of net carbs in a serving, you cannot go wrong with that!

  68. Calista Sjostrom (verified owner)

    I adore the green color that comes out in my baked goods it gives an amazing look. Putting swirls in the cakes before baking, and when you cut them up wow.

  69. Sandra Sandate (verified owner)

    My daughter and I made shortbread using a full rounded teaspoon of powder and added three drops of lemon essential oil to it. This was incredibly tasty.

  70. Blanche Shuman (verified owner)

    I bought this for a friend who owns a small local bakery, I thought it would be something different to try out her culinary skills. Well let me tell you her baking idea were off the charts!

  71. Manuela Vennes (verified owner)

    I made a matcha lemonade which tasted really good, it may be simple but believe me it gave me all the energy I needed to get though a very boring presentation without falling asleep.

  72. Aja Renker (verified owner)

    Matcha made in heaven yum. I made a matcha hot chocolate before bed, it was, a really nice and comforting. I had a very peaceful sleep, waking up refreshed.

  73. Takisha Nienaber (verified owner)

    The product came promptly delivered in a resealable bag awesome. Lovely bright green and great aroma and flavor, which are indicators for a high quality matcha.

  74. Leesa Teepe (verified owner)

    Incredible, this Bakers Blend is the best of the best, no other brand that I know of can beat it. Everything I cook with it comes out smashing even if I do say so myself.

  75. Roberto Standing (verified owner)

    The inspiration you can get just from owning a pouch of matcha is unbelievable. Creativity is a must for you to realize your culinary skills

  76. Kathlyn Zion (verified owner)

    Currently newly trying this, was not expecting cooking with it would all that good, but pleasantly taken aback at the earthy taste it has. This blends well with my cooking ingredients and tastes rather wonderful!

  77. Nohemi Cossaboom (verified owner)

    I was able to make 50 lattes using this size product, that was me using generous amounts of the powder. I imagine it is possible to get may more out of it than it did!

  78. Kelsie Rowse (verified owner)

    Pineapple smoothies are great with this product; 1 cup pineapple, 1 cup kale, 1 banana, tsp Matcha to taste, cup nut milk, squeeze of lemon and either handful of ice cubes or just use frozen bananas. Stupendous!

  79. Jodee Schontz (verified owner)

    You should try the matcha banana muffins, they are to die for! Who knew the depths you can go with Matcha, so totally awe inspiring!

  80. Sherrell Yoquelet (verified owner)

    The fact that Cuppa Tea does the best teas around the world should not surprise you how good a quality they are with matcha being no exception.

  81. Martha Aronhalt (verified owner)

    There are great discounts and promotions from Cuppa Tea, buying the matcha is like a bonus on top, with all the nutrients, gluten free, antioxidants and other benefits.

  82. Arlene Princiotta (verified owner)

    Well if you have not jumped on the Cuppa Tea Matcha band wagon by now, you are really missing out on not only a great opportunity to gain a healthy experience but also to change the dietary intake for you and your family. All it takes is knowledge, a little creativity and an open mind!

  83. Sharleen Danos (verified owner)

    I made a lemon Glaze cake with the Bakers Blend and let me tell you, it was out of this world, what great taste, and sold every slice at my children’s school fair.

  84. Cora Radtke (verified owner)

    Matcha brownies are the bomb, brilliant idea, and awesome taste, my children love them. Hey it’s one way for your children enjoy matcha and the benefits it provides.

  85. Kattie Hudmon (verified owner)

    I heard making Match Green Tea waffles taste good, so I gave it a try with gluten free flour, OMG when you add the honey yum yum. My wife thinks they are the best thing I’ve made with Matcha , she kept trying to steal mine off my plate.

  86. Shellie Gerrits (verified owner)

    I have not tasted anything better than Cuppa Tea’s Bakers Blend to date, high quality, vivid green, fresh smell, and a wonderful userfriendly pouch.

  87. Ileen Alaibilla (verified owner)

    If you’re into entertaining, you should try adding the Matcha fat burner into your cocktails with any other sweet or savory ingredients to make a divine brew.

  88. Nicky Zboral (verified owner)

    Gym enthusiasts, permission to step your smoothie game up, stat. This easy but impressive recipe requires only a few essentials; one cup of unsweetened almond milk, one pear, one cup of spinach or kale, and of course matcha powder. Add in a dose of muscle building protein and you’ve got yourself a super satisfying postworkout smoothie.

  89. Dianne Hiles (verified owner)

    I heard that a Matcha Mint Chip Smoothie Bowl is a wonderful way to add in Matcha, I can’t wait to try it out with my newly bought Matcha Bakers Blend.

  90. Brittni Dangler (verified owner)

    I personally do not know the difference between culinary and premium grade matcha, but I must Cuppa Teas are high quality nonetheless. I wouldn’t buy my tea anywhere else, it gives me the best cooking experience.

  91. Sarai Kappa (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for something to start your day that will give you tons of energy, improve your concentration and add a lot of organic nutrients. This is great to add to your breakfast however you see fit.

  92. Edda Blaisdell (verified owner)

    There are cheaper brands out in the market, but I wouldn’t bother, Cuppa Tea has one of the best high quality matcha, even the Bakers Blend is top notch.

  93. Nenita Presby (verified owner)

    A lot of culinary grade matcha seem to be inferior to Cuppa Tea’s Bakers Blend as they do not note that theirs is 100% premium as Cuppa Tea does.

  94. Arielle Ratkovich (verified owner)

    I really really like this stuff, it’s been 4 weeks now since entering Cuppa Tea’s world of matcha, my health is coming along in leaps and bounds.

  95. Florence Andreatta (verified owner)

    I have finished a baking test on Cuppa Tea’s Bakers Blend, it comes out pleasantly green in the cake and mousse finished product, while mixing it I found it to be very smooth and creamy.

  96. Holly Helems (verified owner)

    I have tried two other brands and I didn’t like either of them. One was too harsh tasting and other didn’t have the right punch. Cuppa Tea was my third attempt and it is absolutely perfect.

  97. Daria Bowersox (verified owner)

    Very good very concentrated blend I wouldn’t recommended drinking as a tea, but lattes, smoothies and baking all those dessert goodies, go right ahead, bake to your hearts content.

  98. Elia Isley (verified owner)

    We find that using the Matcha Bakers Blend in our food particularly breakfast suppresses our appetite which is great since we started our diet. We were not hungry longer than usual, ate our lunch as normal, but now at dinner time we’re really not that hungry, so soup it is

  99. Sumiko Petitt (verified owner)

    I have usually bought Matcha cupcakes from a local store, which taste yummy but recently they put the price up. Decided to start making my own and found Cuppa Teas site very intriguing, I know have my very own Bakers Blend and can’t wait to start baking.

  100. Mei Whisted (verified owner)

    Guys I had some rice noodles that I didn’t know what to with, so I decided to experiment and add matcha. Yep you heard me right Matcha. Well guys with the rice noodles, shredded chicken, shrimp and broccoli, carrots etc and of course the Matcha. Woohoo what a brilliant idea, it tasted earthy and spicy such a unique taste.

  101. Jeraldine Onofre (verified owner)

    There is nothing better than something healthy except when that healthy something is so yummy. I didn’t really like Matcha until I started putting it in my baked goods.

  102. Magda Baque (verified owner)

    I love everything about it. The quality is supreme. It’s as fine as a flour and organic. It’s healthy, it has the amazing bitterish taste of the matcha green tea.

  103. Santa Shove (verified owner)

    We love to make Matcha milk with this, it’s simple and fast; Mix 1tsp in a glass of milk, Microwave for about a minute all microwaves are different so be careful not to boil your milk, add 1tsp of honey, microwave for another 30 seconds, then stir well and enjoy.

  104. Hoa Hallums (verified owner)

    Marvelous Matcha. So versatile, so glad that I am able to slip matcha into my children’s diet in so many different ways, as it is so difficult to get them to eat their green at the dinner table.

  105. Shellie Garnache (verified owner)

    I used vanilla ice cream, ice, almond milk and matcha and blended it up. Didn’t measure it just add whatever I needed for the consistency I wanted.

  106. Beverly Bardo (verified owner)

    I’ve tasted the tea which I found nice, and I was taken aback when I found out what else you can do the matcha regards to cooking or baking. So, I will be buying Cuppa Tea’s Bakers Blend today.

  107. Sherrell Mattler (verified owner)

    I made a casserole at the weekend for the family with matcha incorporated into it. Some of our family don’t like the Matcha tea, so it was fingers crossed. Believe it or not everyone enjoyed it very much.

  108. Louisa Dahlin (verified owner)

    This morning I made matcha egg pies, I they might come out as a lurid unappetizing green concoction. I’m happy to say they came out greener than standard but not horribly so. They taste fine too.

  109. Josefina Ourada (verified owner)

    The matcha from Cuppa tea is great, much better than Starbucks, that says a lot for the entire range of Cuppa Tea’s selections, even the Bakers Blend A+.

  110. Petrina Vasek (verified owner)

    Tried out the recipes that Cuppa Tea’s has on their site, they came out well, very impressed with the overall color, smell and resealable packaging.

  111. Autumn Chipley (verified owner)

    I couldn’t understand what all the fuss is about matcha, so many people talking about it. Now I have read up on it and bought my own, I very happy with my product.

  112. Fatimah Hawkin (verified owner)

    I’ve been feeling really tired, and sluggish lately, so I took my friends advise and bought Cuppa Tea’s Matcha. I must say the matcha smoothies I have made have brought back a spring in my step.

  113. Shavonda Slatton (verified owner)

    It does not have a great taste to me, but then again, I have a sweet tooth, do love the color. I have decided the only way I’m going to get the nutrients and benefits is make sure it is mixed with something sweet. Works for me

  114. Donnetta Wolinski (verified owner)

    I am vegetarian looking to go vegan, I was happy to know that Matcha can help get unique tastes from the foods I eat. I’m stoked that Cuppa Tea gives you a 90day taste test guarantee.

  115. Markita Rockmore (verified owner)

    It’s good to know the high quality of this purchase and that the product is checked by a 4th generation Tea Master and the leave are shaded for 3 weeks, unlike other products that are only shaded for 1 to 2 weeks at the most.

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