Japanese Ceremonial Matcha

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CuppaTea’s highest grade Japanese Matcha available in the United States. The creamy, savory taste of our ceremonial Matcha is matched only by its vibrant green coloring and sweet aroma. These attributes are produced by carefully shading the plant prior to harvest, which increases the number of amino acids and vitamins A, C & E in the leaves. It is cherished as Koicha and is truly Reserved for special occasions.

Serving Size 1/4 Tsp
Servings Per Package – 30
*Serving size may vary to your personal taste


62 in stock (can be backordered)

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62 in stock (can be backordered)


CuppaTea’s Matcha is carefully steamed to prevent the enzymes from oxidizing and then stored in specially designed facilities to keep it fresh all year round. Before grinding our premium Matcha, all rough fiber (stems and veins) are removed to reduce any bitter flavor. Since Matcha loses color, flavor, and nutrients easily by being exposed to light and air (oxidation), proper packaging is very important. CuppaTea’s Ceremonial Matcha is extremely well protected in a sealed tin for the ultimate freshness and taste.


The slow grinding in the traditional granite grinding stones guarantees the maximum protection of nutrients as the stones break the fiber naturally without overheating and burning the powder. Matcha that is produced outside of Japan is usually broken down by using hot air pressure which destroys the natural structure and overheats the green tea leaves resulting in less fine, inconsistent powder with low nutritional value.


The only way to really be sure about the quality of the Matcha is by asking for proof in the form of test results from an independent lab. We have an independent lab test for all of our Matcha. There are never any detectable residual chemicals from pesticides. CuppaTea’s Matcha is pure, clean and additive free. CuppaTea’s Matcha adheres to the regulations of JAS/JONA. JONA (Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association) and JAS (Japan Agriculture standard) follow stricter regulations and high standards than the North American certification association. They require the use of only natural fertilizers and the chemical- free cultivation of the tea plants for at least 3 years prior to certification. Organic CuppaTea’s Matcha is also certified by EU Agriculture, the governing body for the European Community.

Weight 2 oz

166 reviews for Japanese Ceremonial Matcha

  1. Carlee Durkee (verified owner)

    I have purchased the Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea online from Cuppa Tea to stop my reliance on coffee. I can say the energy kick from Matcha is better than caffeine, I no longer get the come down I get normally from coffee.

  2. Rolf Waszkiewicz (verified owner)

    Hi guys, I am writing this review after using this Japanese Ceremonial Matcha green tea powder for almost one month. The product is first class, shipped quickly and tastes great.

  3. Latrisha Thommarson (verified owner)

    This Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea powder has many benefits, and I swear I have lost a few pounds the three weeks I have been using your Matcha.

  4. Chad Huenergardt (verified owner)

    I have been using for a couple of months. Yes, the statement is true that it’s effective. It acted as one of the most important catalysts in my weight loss regime. I would recommend this to everyone looking for a healthy life.

  5. Kyung Koepnick (verified owner)

    I was trying to avoid drinks with added sugar (I have sugar in my coffee) so options are very limited as I avoid cold drinks, juices etc. This product tastes good without sugar.

  6. Dean Sperl (verified owner)

    A very beneficial drink. It provides Energy and Calmness. Another benefit to Matcha is the high concentration of antioxidants. It has been shown in some studies that it increases the rate of burning stored fat as energy, as well as decreasing the formation of new fat cells.

  7. Constance Pritzker (verified owner)

    xcellent color and flavor. I’ve been using this for baking, drinking. I recommend it if you want high-quality Matcha.

  8. Ismael Stagliano (verified owner)

    I had been to Japan late last year and became a fan of Japanese Ceremonial Matcha. Good packaging.

  9. Sherly Somsy (verified owner)

    This is the perfect way to start my day. Gives me a good kick of energy until lunch time. And there is no come down like you get with caffeine.

  10. Marna Kearn (verified owner)

    Best Matcha tea ever……It gives freshness. Very nice aroma. It’s very easy to make. A must try product.

  11. Marcellus Holweger (verified owner)

    Better than many other brands available in the market. It has a very strong flavor, I loved it from the first sip. Recommended.

  12. Lonna Russotto (verified owner)

    Great quality for the price. Bought this due to all the health benefits and high antioxidants. The powder is very fine and consistent & smells nice. I take it as my afternoon tea.

  13. Sean Bronder (verified owner)

    I am new to Japanese Ceremonial Matcha so I am getting used to the taste. But I love the energy it gives me every morning and unlike coffee, it lasts for quite a while. Thumbs up!

  14. Ashleigh Kappel (verified owner)

    Finally, I have managed to get a good quality of Matcha. It has an incredibly vibrant Green Color and subtle floral taste just like the Matcha powder I had in Osaka.

  15. Edward Gerold (verified owner)

    Must try product if you’re into Matcha Green Tea. It can also be used to make many more food items.

  16. Jesenia Hysquierdo (verified owner)

    This Japanese ceremonial Matcha tea is very healthy. Cleanse & Detoxifies the Body, Boosts Immune System, helps Weight Loss by Boosting Fat Metabolism. MOOD AND MEMORY ENHANCER: Our Matcha green tea contains high amount of amino you relax your mind and improve the focus. Matcha Tea equally lifts up your energy level and thus it can promote better concentration.

  17. Augustina Edell (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this tea! I could tell that it was high quality from the vibrant green color. I was able to sift the matcha easily and it was simple to whisk. It created a beautiful froth and a smooth and early taste with earthy, grassy and a slightly sweet tone after each sip. I prefer matcha over coffee. It has definitely helped me stay awake. I really enjoyed this brand of matcha.

  18. Ardelle Wilber (verified owner)

    Wow! This is the best matcha I have tasted so far and I can easily see why it is so pricey! The powders color is a deep emerald and the flavor is buttery, sweet and grassy. I love it both iced and hot. Very good matcha!!

  19. Loris Hausman (verified owner)

    The matcha gave it a lovely light green color as well, which is aesthetically pleasing. In general, this is just a really, really rich sauce thats just so sweet and decadent. Its also very thick and creamy. I just love it.

  20. Hilma Zelko (verified owner)

    The tea has a very bold and rich flavor. Its very full bodied and earthy. I think that it really gives me a boost of energy and focus. I often mix it with my flavored matchas.

  21. Elba Duberstein (verified owner)

    Ive been treated to ceremonial matcha before and this is a fine matcha for its price range. Smooth, very low astringency. I have suffered reflux from lowgrade matcha on an empty stomach before never with this grade from Cuppa Tea.

  22. Joella Ingargiolo (verified owner)

    This is the best matcha I have ever had. Even better than a tin I bought in Japan. The powder is the brightest and most pleasant green color I have ever seen in a matcha. It blows my mind, and I have to restrain myself.

  23. Evelina Morge (verified owner)

    The taste is smooth and silky and has that little extra bite that a green tea can have. Im addicted to this tea. Also, protip, this has really been helping to soothe the stomach problems I have been having recently.

  24. Gertha Mirabelli (verified owner)

    This is my daily matcha and its amazing. Not bitter in the least, it has a deep, robust green flavor with rich mouth feel.

  25. Davida Zolinski (verified owner)

    I expected nothing less than an amazing experience with a ceremonial grade matcha, and this did not disappoint. I may not select it again due to the expense and my amateur palate, but for matcha lovers everywhere, this is the real deal.

  26. Carol Zerzan (verified owner)

    The taste is exquisite and complex. It is not bitter like most inferior matchas I have had. It is sweet and grassy and deeply complex. The nuances reveal themselves slowly, leaving a dynamic flavor experience in my mouth. This is definitely ceremonial grade.

  27. Erminia Renfrow (verified owner)

    Its missing that slight sweetness that matcha of this grade should have. Its very smooth, and not overly bitter. Does foam nicely too.

  28. Earleen Lohry (verified owner)

    Slightly sweet, very green and a depth of taste and flavor thats unbelievable. Cant wait to try it with a dab of honey to enhance that natural sweetness.

  29. Sandi Ellicott (verified owner)

    Love Matcha tea. A nice lift without the big coffee crash. I need to make it more often than I do. I dont have the special whisk and all that. I like to add it to morning smoothies.

  30. Denna Straube (verified owner)

    The flavor is not at all what I expected. It starts with sweetness and vegetal flavors like cooked cabbage or brussel sprouts sweeter than raw ones. There is a lot of complexity to it with subtle notes of vanilla and coriander. The finish has a lingering tartness and a tiny sting of bitterness.

  31. Mirian Cafasso (verified owner)

    This matcha has a very nice taste to it. I bought the other Matcha which was good but this one had more flavor to it. I found that using a sifter for matcha helped not to have any clumps and it seemed to mix up easier as before there seemed to be some settled in the bottom.

  32. Babara Hefferman (verified owner)

    Dont know if I will be able to get all the time with the price but will certainly try. On health benefits note: I find that it is calming yet helps to remain alert. It also has helped in my weight loss goals

  33. Joetta Mckeeman (verified owner)

    Stronger and greener than the regular matcha. You really have to know what youre doing when you prepare this one.

  34. Bernarda Feggins (verified owner)

    This matcha is amazing. I love the regular matcha from Cuppa Tea and this one is even better. Very smooth with a strong flavor. Definitely worth the price for matcha fans.

  35. Aleta Zacarias (verified owner)

    I love this matcha! Very smooth and sweet. While it tastes great its own, I also like to mix it with lemongrass and ginger. I find that the water sufficiently cools to a temperature agreeable with matcha after 10 mins of infusing time for lemongrass and ginger.

  36. Christopher Hemmings (verified owner)

    Ive had Matcha from several different brands and this one is my favorite by far! It is so subtle, smooth, sweet, and vegetal tasting Similar to fresh cut grass, but not as strong. It is already a beautiful, fine powder that doesnt really need siftingbut you can if you are very particular.

  37. Whitney Hercman (verified owner)

    OMG!! Best matcha EVER! It is absolutely fabulous and I have tried quite a few. So refreshing and it doesnt taste like you are in your front yard eating your grass! It is so smooth and velvety. Highly recommend. Will be giving this one for gifts.

  38. Chris Patridge (verified owner)

    This was my first Matcha. I figured if I was going to try something then I wanted to make sure I got a good quality so I didnt base my opinion off of bad product. Deep and flavorful. Gives me a wonderful burst of energy in the morning.

  39. Alysa Raychard (verified owner)

    I really like the regular matcha here and think its a good value for how much you get, I didnt think there was much room for improvement but this is actually even better. Its smoother and tastes amazing.

  40. Tyler Scrim (verified owner)

    Im usually not a matcha fan, but this stuff is good. Its got this sweet, chocolate taste that mellows out the grassiness, which is exactly what I wanted. A little above my budget to drink every day, but definitely good for a treat.

  41. Alita Trout (verified owner)

    One of my new favorites for sure! I just started drinking matcha, and this is the exact flavor you think it should have!! I drink this before my morning workout to give me an extra boost!

  42. Dale Schwertfeger (verified owner)

    Was looking for alternatives to coffee and came across a recipe for green tea matcha powder latte. The flavor is excellent and you can use the powder to make cold drinks too!

  43. Deann Robasciotti (verified owner)

    Mild, creamy, sweet. I love this matcha and save it for days when I really want to treat myself. Sorry to see it go till next spring!

  44. Yolande Weinzimer (verified owner)

    Delicious sweet grassy flavor and well worth the price. Really creamy and blends well and yes it is even better than their other matcha.

  45. Anabel Nulty (verified owner)

    This is the best matcha Ive had so far. This makes a cup of matcha with a great balance of very little bitterness and sweetness.

  46. Lura Charley (verified owner)

    You can really taste the quality in the flavor. It might seem a little bit pricey but is totally worth it. So much different than other matcha teas I have bought in the past. Will definitely buy again.

  47. Iraida Grossklaus (verified owner)

    This is some great matcha rich green, smooth and with a bright, grassy, herby flavor. The powder separates well and does not clump.

  48. Princess Rolland (verified owner)

    This ceremonial grade of matcha is excellent. I have tried several brands of matcha and Cuppa Tea is by far my favorite.

  49. Kyra Hodgkins (verified owner)

    I have not experimented much with matcha, but it is not only great for tea, it is super food. Matcha can be used for anything, ranging from ice cream to yogurt.

  50. Suanne Farlin (verified owner)

    I have never made matcha before, but I love that I can now make it instead of having to go to a coffee shop. Definitely a fun treat for special occasions to make between drinking regular tea!

  51. Tomiko Wilcock (verified owner)

    This is the top tier of Matcha available at Cuppa Tea. I love it, but you have to be prepared to make it properly if you truly want to enjoy it. To make matcha properly, you need a whisk or a milk frother, either of these works, and you also need a small sifter.

  52. Helaine Brayer (verified owner)

    I love matcha, I have tried it in many different brands, I usually mix it into protein shakes or smoothies and I feel like it gives me that bit of an extra boost I need some days.

  53. Eugene Grundon (verified owner)

    Ceremonial matcha tea is my favorite tea to drink. I take a tsp of matcha and put it in my protein shake before I work out. I find when I drink it either way before I work out I get a way better work out in.

  54. Stephnie Obholz (verified owner)

    Ceremonial matcha tea is my favorite tea to drink or I take a tsp of matcha and put it in my protein shake before I work out. I find when I drink it either way before I work out I get a way better work out in.

  55. Ling Terault (verified owner)

    I drink this tea daily and I love it. It very creamy and slightly sweet but there is not any sweetener or anything its just creamy and perfect. Gives you the right amount of energy.

  56. Starr Genberg (verified owner)

    Amazing flavor. Very delicate grassy notes and very creamy. I look forward to having my 23 cups of it a day. Ive only had it one day and I already feel a world of difference in my energy and alertness.

  57. Margret Sumerix (verified owner)

    Great quality. Great company. The matcha is very mild and no bitterness. Great color to the powder itself with no clumps. It also has a slight sweetness so I dont have to add anything! Definitely will buy this again!

  58. Raylene Bud (verified owner)

    If you are searching for the best quality Matcha, the best tasting Matcha or the best bang for the buck then search no further. This ceremonial grade matcha is the best tasting, highest quality matcha I have come across.

  59. Gala Benavides (verified owner)

    After trying a few different brands of matcha, this will probably be the brand that Ill be sticking with. This brand is very high quality. It has a fresh taste, nice color, and is very aromatic for a culinary grade.

  60. Jenise Portilla (verified owner)

    Great tea for your health. My husband swears by this tea. he is 65 years old and drinks it every morning. He is in great shape and definitely recommends it to everyone that wants to maintain their good health.

  61. Irmgard Boslet (verified owner)

    Its a beautiful dark green, has a pure grassy flavor, froths and mixes beautifully, and energizes me each morning. Ive tried matcha from 2 other local tea shops and could immediately tell the difference in quality.

  62. Carolin Rimar (verified owner)

    This type of green tea may not be for everyone. The tea leaves are dried and ground into a powder. The result is a very rich tea. Just make sure that you mix the powder well with a little bit of water first before adding the rest of the water. This will mix the powder better.

  63. Nakita Tinelli (verified owner)

    Yum, yum, yum. One of the best. Its creamy smooth and nutty and mild, slightly sweet, very green and absolutely delicious. You also get a good few hours of an energy boost buzz.

  64. Flor Shatswell (verified owner)

    I am new to the Matcha drinking world, so I am not sure how valuable this review will be to you. I tried

  65. Mao Amezaga (verified owner)

    A cheap version of matcha from an oriental market in town and it was terrible, so I did a little research and found that this one is considered a respected brand. It delivers great matcha and tastes perfect.

  66. Arlena Canner (verified owner)

    Its pretty good if youre like me and like to drink 23 cups a day with a dash of milk and a pinch of sugar, but if you drink it straight itll be noticeably less delicate and sweet and grassier than other matchas.

  67. Dallas Wendeln (verified owner)

    The price is so good and with a touch of sugar and milk I really do mean like 1 4 tsp sugar and an ounce of milk; this really does make a very satisfying and more economical morning drink for someone who drinks A Lot of matcha this way.

  68. Heidi Berte (verified owner)

    Very smooth matcha. The color is so vivid, unlike the darker, murkier matcha I had previously used. This is the first time Ive tried ceremonial grade. Its definitely less bitter than allpurpose and culinary, and sweeter too. I use it to make matcha lattes with almond milk and it tastes wonderful.

  69. Jessia Tingey (verified owner)

    Its perfect. The taste is wonderful. I make my matcha lattes with soy milk, cacao nibs, and a little chocolate syrup for added sweetness. Even by itself without anything added it has a wonderful taste. It is an acquired taste and matcha may not be for everyone.

  70. Lynetta Noriega (verified owner)

    This is the perfect alternative to coffee and I have loved coffee for years till matcha came along in my world and changed it.

  71. Kia Lueras (verified owner)

    What you get is not the perfect vibrant green that you see in other teas, but the flavor is there in full force, a nice vegetal bitterness, but not the overwhelming bitterness that I was expecting, which is a good thing for me.

  72. Lynell Mountain (verified owner)

    This is an excellent balance between cost and quality in my opinion. You will pay up to twice as much for a comparable product from other manufacturers. Ive tried many and I will settle into this one for my twice daily regimen.

  73. Francene Mcpartlin (verified owner)

    This is quite the high quality matcha for the price point. The color is a beautiful, rich green which can be best seen when mixed with a bit of water to make a paste. This matcha froths up very well, even after several months in refrigeration, and produces a creamy, foamy texture.

  74. Refugio Poppenhagen (verified owner)

    This Matcha has a perfectly balanced taste from start to finish. Hot to getting warmer in the cup. The texture is silky and creamy when made with a whisk and a fine mesh strainer.

  75. Renda Gradford (verified owner)

    I usually buy ceremonial grade matcha for drinking but I bought this especially for matcha lattes and its fantastic! Its a great bargain and really delicious.

  76. Kiersten Tag (verified owner)

    Delicious matcha and a great price. This quantity has lasted me more than 6 months of occasional tea drinking. I like it best with a bit of milk, stevia and vanilla a tasty treat, but mostly make it straight. I also add to smoothies for a preworkout energy boost.

  77. Cira Krows (verified owner)

    Oh my, let me say that there is a HUGE difference between regular match and ceremonial grade matcha. This matcha is SO SMOOTH, no hint of bitterness whatsoever. Bliss in a cup. I will certainly reorder

  78. Britney Heater (verified owner)

    I decided to splurge on a higher grade matcha to see if I felt it was worth the extra expense. I was not disappointed.

  79. Renea Schellenberge (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this brand! I have tried 7 different brands all Japanese ceremonial quality. This is my most recent one. Ill stick with this Cuppa Tea. It tastes very nice and it doesnt clump together.

  80. Solange Rothgery (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious. I experienced a Matcha green tea latte at a local tea house and decided to try to prepare my own so I made this purchase. It came out a hundred times better than the latte at the tea house.

  81. Iva Zane (verified owner)

    In my humble opinion this is a very good and delicious Japanese ceremonial grade matcha, considering the good price. It is sealed.

  82. Nettie Trefz (verified owner)

    Smooth, mixes completely without using a sieve, and no bitterness at all. Whisks up with a nice froth, and I feel fantastic after drinking this tea. I also appreciate that it is organic.

  83. Jestine Gutowski (verified owner)

    I have really been enjoying the product; I use it to make breakfast smoothies. I have to be up at 4 a.m. and smoothies really perk me up especially when they contain matcha.

  84. Herminia Lefthand (verified owner)

    I feel much more alert in the morning after drinking this tea better than coffee, can you believe it??!!. Usually around 23pm. I feel low energy, sleepy etc. But ever since I drink this, I dont feel low energy in the afternoon.so far.I love it!

  85. Deetta Katzenbach (verified owner)

    One of the best, most affordable ceremonial grade matcha products I have found. I almost always drink matcha as a tea and more rarely make lattes and such with it, and I believe this is one of the best as a tea.

  86. Darlena Kruckenberg (verified owner)

    Arrived early. The product is great. Matcha green tea has a very distinct flavor that took some getting used to, but I already feel better healthier. My favorite part is that it curbs my appetite!!

  87. Lonna Cantfield (verified owner)

    Really really tasty and smooth matcha. Best one I have tried in a long time. It also did not arrive clumpy like many of them. Will definitely enjoy more of it.

  88. Sachiko Ackerly (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite brands of matcha that Ive tried so far! Great color, taste, and a noticeable energy boost. The price seems very reasonable I will be buying this again.

  89. Elayne Smee (verified owner)

    Told my husband I love this so much I want to marry it. Its smooth, pure and delicious. Makes quitting coffee more bearable. I like mixing it with my almond milk in the morning. Not a matcha green tea connoisseur but the quality and taste are superb.

  90. Bernice Perrotta (verified owner)

    I love this tea; I purchase it regularly. It has a really good green color for matcha tea, and you get quite a bit for the price. Most macho tea in this grade is crazy expensive, and I dont think I would be able to order it as consistently as I can with this product. I would definitely highly recommend it.

  91. Lashay Liguori (verified owner)

    Great tea and great quality if you want to feel good and have energy throughout the day then this is the tea to purchase.

  92. Minta Nerren (verified owner)

    This is the first ceremonial grade matcha Ive tried, but its much better than culinary grade matcha. I think its well worth the extra few bucks.

  93. Alana Lansden (verified owner)

    I received the products. Thank you very much for your timely delivery. The packaging of the product looks rich and is designed with good taste. The color is like emerald and looks like pure chlorophyll. I love the froth after I mix it well and the taste is magnificent. I love your matcha.

  94. Mariela Iseri (verified owner)

    The best tasting, brightest, freshest matcha Ive ever had! A natural sweetness, great color, and perfect taste! Ive since bought a different, cheaper brand.and Im so disappointed. Going back to this tea! Once youve had the best, its hard to go to the rest. Love this tea!

  95. Althea Yuen (verified owner)

    I recently received this matcha to use in my lattes. When I made one, I was amazed at how delicious it was! Before, I only made lattes using culinary grade matcha, which was quite bitter and left a very bitter aftertaste if left unsweetened.

  96. Ellen Pamplin (verified owner)

    I found this product to taste better than I thought it might. Not disappointed. I have repeat ordered several times. What a great find!!

  97. Mirna Humerick (verified owner)

    Only use it in our smoothies. We are not health nuts but try to make good choices. We still like to have sweet tasting fruity smoothies, and this adds some potentially positive benefits without seriously harming the taste of our smoothies.

  98. Fred Sheedy (verified owner)

    This is only my second time having matcha but this one is excellent; the taste and color are great. Ill be buying more of this product and recommend it to friends.

  99. Maire Ennaco (verified owner)

    This tea taste delicious! Its a nice green color and fresh. Im enjoying the matcha ceremonial process, which helps me to stick to a healthy and healing diet.

  100. Sharita Schlossberg (verified owner)

    Vibrant green color, this matcha tastes and smells fresh and has a wonderful flavor. With my frother I mix half a teaspoon of matcha with about half a cup of room temperature filtered water and enjoy.

  101. Alejandra Weissenborn (verified owner)

    Excellent product. The packaging and storage tin make it easy to maintain the quality over time. Would recommend for anyone interested in fine quality, high grade Matcha.

  102. Sherrie Mikrut (verified owner)

    Tastes amazing, I cant start my day without a handmade Matcha tea latte, and this makes a perfect one, reputable company.

  103. Brittanie Raes (verified owner)

    I LOOOVE this stuff. I take one cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon. It helps me feel better when Im feeling sick or just to have energy. This tea has helped me lose weight as well, I feel that its because it boosts my metabolism.

  104. Gertha Svensen (verified owner)

    This is matcha at its finest quality. Im very glad I spent the extra money to get it. I will be trying a grade lower to compare the two but super great quality and very delicious in taste.

  105. Juana Bashinelli (verified owner)

    This is one of the better organic ceremonial matcha. Its not overpriced which unappreciated a lot. After trying a few different brands of organic ceremonial grade matcha, this was best it quality and in price.

  106. Viviana Pallone (verified owner)

    Truly a GREAT product! The matcha is rich in color, not a faded in color. The taste is fresh! Price is quite reasonable. Would recommend to friends and family!

  107. Syble Eisentrout (verified owner)

    This tea is truly amazing it really gives me that energy that I can really say works. I am focused throughout my work day.

  108. Myrtle Baillio (verified owner)

    Ive ordered this matcha twice now and have gotten excellent quality powder both times. This has that rich, unique matcha flavor that makes for a perfect unsweetened tea sans creamer. It would probably be even more delicious with sugar and milk, but I like it plain.

  109. Georgia Wolkow (verified owner)

    This is an excellent highgrade matcha with a more affordable price than many of the other ceremonial offerings. I love this tea.

  110. Jamie Sweley (verified owner)

    Delicious, smooth, no after taste. I drink it daily in an almond milk shake, so tasty doesnt need a sweetener. I will buy again. I highly recommend it

  111. Mozella Scharp (verified owner)

    Excellent value for a quality tea! Some matchas really need some doctoring to make them palatable this one doesnt. Its delicious on its own. The tea is fine so it easily dissolves in hot water.

  112. Jacque Trachsel (verified owner)

    Wonderful, smooth bodied tea. Does not have that strong bitter after taste as most match..a bit mellower. Mixes well in smoothies.

  113. Kendra Benno (verified owner)

    It is one of the smoothest tasting matcha that I have tasted, it doesnt have that strong grassy taste that some do. Definitely am going to buy again

  114. Kellye Samperi (verified owner)

    Excellent tea for me but Im a novice when it comes to matcha tea, just bought what someone told me to buy and I liked it a lot.

  115. Lesa Mowery (verified owner)

    Very good deal for ceremonial grade matcha. Very good matcha and I think Im really picky and will be ordering again. Happy doing business with this seller. Here is one satisfied customer.

  116. Angelyn Donegan (verified owner)

    This is a very nice grade of matcha tea. The color is a bright green. The flavor is smooth and not bitter. It is great hot or cold. I especially enjoy it as a latte with almond milk.

  117. Theodora Echard (verified owner)

    Ridiculously pricey but worth it. Best matcha Ive ever had. Stunning bright green color and fresh taste to match. Great product. Love it.

  118. Soledad Kunkleman (verified owner)

    Good matcha tea for the price. I didnt find it bitter at all. Grassy and creamy would be the best way to describe this matcha tea. As drink it as it but I am sure it can be used any which way people want to drink it.

  119. Shanelle Baird (verified owner)

    Item arrived on time and item was as described. Matcha is a nice bright vivid green and tastes great! I will definitely be buying again!

  120. January Cephas (verified owner)

    I absolutely love it. I love the color, the sweet smell and the refined powder texture. I drink it a lot and experiment with the amount of powder I put in each cup.

  121. Kayce Kichline (verified owner)

    Love this matcha. Beautifully vibrant color. Very nice in smoothies and works very well as an ingredient in matcha coconut fudge.

  122. Reita Jehl (verified owner)

    Great product! It has a nice taste and a little goes a long way. I would buy it again! It is delicious with milk and sweetened a tiny bit for a green tea latte.

  123. Tempie Larsson (verified owner)

    Excellent price for a highquality product. Drinking matcha has become a part of my daily routine because of its health benefits and the energy focus it gives me. Aside from the smooth taste, I love the container this stuff comes in.

  124. Marceline Pladson (verified owner)

    Fantastic Matcha at a great price! No bitterness to the taste, sweet and slightly creamy. Looks just like the color shown in photos. My new goto Matcha.

  125. Natosha Sharick (verified owner)

    Great packaging and delicious matcha very smooth and mixes well. This is an excellent tea, one of the best Ive tasted but is somewhat expensive.

  126. Nichole Whitlatch (verified owner)

    Best value Ive found and doesnt have that fishy smell. I can only handle 2 servings a day. Really gives me energy.

  127. Alethia Frisby (verified owner)

    Very easy to mix. Leaves a little sediment but will disappear w a little hot water.great in smoothies. Good, longlasting pickmeup w no jitters

  128. Keith Zollner (verified owner)

    Best matcha Ive ever tried. Will be reordering a.s.a.p. Expensive but worth the price. Tastes delicious and smooth. Obviously amazing quality.

  129. Mandy Mcilvaine (verified owner)

    I have tried several matcha teas, and this one is by far. the BEST. You can immediately tell the quality of this match compared to others because of its distinct and smooth flavor. It might be a bit of an investment for this tea, but definitely worth it.

  130. Blanca Leitner (verified owner)

    Ive been drinking Japanese matcha tea daily for the past 5 months. Ive tried various brands after reading random reviews. This is my favorite so far. Mixes easily, excellent flavor.

  131. Alba Broekemeier (verified owner)

    I really like this tea. The taste is very smooth and bright. I will of course buy it again. Since I started drinking this tea I have given up on relying on coffee to get me started in the morning.

  132. Trisha Myrtle (verified owner)

    I really like the flavor of this matcha. It is slightly bitter, but not too bitter. For the quantity and quality, it is the best value I have found. I would definitely purchase this again!

  133. Tamiko Bussell (verified owner)

    This is definitely worth purchasing, beautiful green color, wonderful aroma and notes, whisks up easy, not bitter at all. Will be purchasing this again.

  134. Jesusa Briante (verified owner)

    I have lots of energy after drinking this tea. It has a pleasant taste and is easy to mix up. Good product. No complaints.

  135. Griselda Converse (verified owner)

    I have tried several brands and this one is the BEST! The smell and taste are amazing! I stop drinking coffee completely. Its my goto drink when I need a pickmeup! Highly recommended!

  136. Taunya Rieb (verified owner)

    This matcha has a delicious delicate flavor. The aroma is so fresh and the bright green color is like food for the eyes. It gives me great energy when I drink it and feels very beneficial for my health. I will continue to purchase it far into the future.

  137. Gerri Feldtman (verified owner)

    My daughter and I both thought that this Ceremonial Matcha was absolutely great. I have even drunk it with just adding milk to it. It forms a nice froth with just a little whisking.

  138. Angelo Folley (verified owner)

    Great ceremonial matcha! The color is nice grassy green, the texture is fine powder, does not stick together, the flavor is very smooth. Will definitely buy again.

  139. Nichelle Widhalm (verified owner)

    Ive purchased several different brands of ceremonial matcha this one is among the best, and very competitively priced. I will be ordering this regularly.

  140. Shawn Feldtman (verified owner)

    Tastes great. Mixes easily. Gave me sustained energy starting on the third day of drinking. Ill drink it once sometimes twice a day.

  141. Shantell Awkard (verified owner)

    I love it I mix it in all my smoothies and or I take it as a shot in a shot glass before my workouts and I definitely feel the burn more.

  142. Sumiko Cauazos (verified owner)

    Delicious! I have tried many different brands of matcha tea and this is by far the purest Ive ever had. Highly recommend!

  143. Kelsie Gresko (verified owner)

    Great quality and great taste! I feel energized and focused after drinking a cup of this matcha tea. I highly recommend it.

  144. Bethann Lautieri (verified owner)

    Very happy with it. It dissolves very nicely and has a great flavor. So far Ive uses in matcha lattes and Im enjoying very much

  145. Temika Ienco (verified owner)

    I have bought this product 4 times now!! I love it, tastes great and I dont get the jitters like I do with Diet Coke. I drink it every morning and evening.

  146. Karma Moncivais (verified owner)

    Best matcha powder weve gotten for our office the other ones havent tasted quite right this tastes straight out of a legit Japanese restaurant!

  147. Ruthann Pedrin (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. I feel better. I cut up fresh ginger and put it in with a bit of creamer. Excellent for your digestive system and makes me feel healthy.

  148. Bari Bankos (verified owner)

    I love this match tea. It is very smooth and easy to scoop out of the container. It has no metallic taste and a very good green tea taste.

  149. Isaura Parham (verified owner)

    I drink tea all my life without sugar or creamer. I have recently tried Matcha and of all the ones I have tried, this one by far is the best. I can taste a tint of sweetness and not as bitter as many I have tried. I will definitely buy again.

  150. Delta Dohnal (verified owner)

    I like this matcha powder very much. I especially like the taste it gives my homemade green tea ice cream. Looking forward to using it in other recipes.

  151. Theressa Bastilla (verified owner)

    Excellent taste and benefit. Gained energy, focus, and weight loss. I had questions about what I do differently and gave this product recommendation. Wish I had found it long ago.

  152. Danyelle Rougeaux (verified owner)

    I just started using Matcha and I really enjoy it. I also bought the bamboo whisk for it as well. I like the taste of it and it makes me feel good also.

  153. Sanjuanita Whitling (verified owner)

    Bold yet sweet, apparently incredibly healthy too wonderful with frothed almond milk. Great way to start the day.

  154. Tamesha Gopen (verified owner)

    Great quality of Matcha. Container was even bigger than I expected. Item arrived when promised. Will definitely purchase again in the future!

  155. Sulema Sherrill (verified owner)

    Very highquality tea! I have been using it every day! I can feel the different in my energy lv. Not to mention, it smells wonderful!

  156. Sydney Poupard (verified owner)

    This by far the best drinking matcha for money! The price good against comparable matcha as well. A+ #1 Good time for you!

  157. Darnell Brood (verified owner)

    LOVE IT! Has a very distinct taste to you, it might be somewhat bitter to some people but you get used to it. Two thumbs up!!

  158. Inga Hackenbery (verified owner)

    This matcha is delicious and not bitter at all. It is a reasonable price for a beautiful green color. This is a winner!

  159. Debby Levenstein (verified owner)

    I am not a hot tea drinker, but adding this powder to cold drinks and shaking well to mix gives me the health benefits of matcha. Pure goodness!

  160. Michaele Knop (verified owner)

    It helps if the quality of the matcha is perfect. And the quality of this Cuppa Tea is superb: Fresh smelling, clean tasting.

  161. Bobbye Brandenberger (verified owner)

    The company claims that this is the top grade of ceremonial matcha and I have no reason not to believe them. Its wonderfully smooth, richtasting matcha.

  162. Penney Cusworth (verified owner)

    A great Matcha is strong in flavor, grassy and creamy but not overly astringent or bitter. The grind on the matcha is such that it did not clump or cake in the bowl.

  163. Rosio Sargetakis (verified owner)

    It is excellent in juice blends and smoothies and is just as tasty stirred in a glass of milk with honey. It pairs well with citrus or chocolate or can be enjoyed by simply sprinkling it over a bowl of plain or frozen yogurt.

  164. Soon Jes (verified owner)

    I loved the fantastic green color when I opened the tin; and the smell that hit me was wonderful! It was very flavorful and full bodied. I was unsure on the first sip since it was so different from other teas I have tried, but I quickly got used to it.

  165. Mara Basco (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the taste of this tea. It has a bit of a bitter taste at first but after you sip it for a bit it really grows on you. Its a fine powder that when you use a whisk dissolves very nicely. It is organic and has antioxidants so its great for you too.

  166. Arianne Loforte (verified owner)

    My first time trying matcha I was most surprise at how strong it tastes. With just a little I had a strong cup of matcha that gave me the same effect of the coffee I have grown to love.

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