Ceremonial Matcha Bundle

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This is CuppaTea’s highest grade Matcha available in the United States. The creamy, savory taste of our ceremonial Matcha is matched only by its vibrant green coloring and sweet aroma. These attributes are produced by carefully shading the plant prior to harvest, which increases the number of amino acids and vitamins A, C & E in the leaves. It is cherished as Koicha and is truly Reserved for special occasions.

Material: Bamboo
Whisk Dimension: 2-3/8in Dia x 4-1/4in H
100 Prong
Scoop is 7.25 inches long

Serving Size – 1 Scoop of Bamboo Spoon
Servings Per Package – 30
*Serving size may vary to your personal taste


$79.95 $49.95

Our Ceremonial Matcha bundle is 100% authentic, directly from Nishio, Japan where Matcha originated and where the most premium quality Matcha is produced.

This bundle is perfect for anyone who loves and drinks Matcha the correct way and comes with the perfect Bamboo whisk to meet your needs.

Weight 2 oz

131 reviews for Ceremonial Matcha Bundle

  1. Eliana Fosser (verified owner)

    I have purchased the Matcha bundle online from Cuppa Tea. This is great for making a poper cup of tea.

  2. Wilfred Messerli (verified owner)

    Hi, I am writing this review after using this Ceremonial Matcha bundle. The product is great, shipped fast and tastes great.

  3. Shakira Franchi (verified owner)

    This Japanese Matcha bundle has many benefits and having the right tools to come with it are even better.

  4. Pasquale Maccauley (verified owner)

    I have been using this bundle for a couple of months. I would recommend this to everyone looking to have a great start to thier day.

  5. Rudy Renteria (verified owner)

    Very refreshing and has a perfect flavor. I like how it came with the spoon and whisk. Really great color of the tea as well.

  6. Jannet Histand (verified owner)

    A great drink. It provides me a lot of energy. Good catch here.

  7. Bill Justinger (verified owner)

    Excellent flavor. I recommend it if you want high-quality Matcha. nice to have the wisk come with it too.

  8. Elmer Birch (verified owner)

    I have become a huge fan of Japanese Ceremonial Matcha. Good that they seel the whisk to go with it.

  9. Reggie Anyan (verified owner)

    This helps me get going for my morning. Very clean and refreshing. Will be back for sure!

  10. Pearlie Saulsbury (verified owner)

    This is a great product and I am very satisfied with it, the matcha is perfect quality. Really did not believe that a certain whisk would be a miracle cure to making the matcha tea.

  11. Altha Bownds (verified owner)

    Great set! Great quality matcha whisk! Look forward to making matcha lattes in the morning! The quality is just what I was looking for. Wonderfully packaged. Great gift for tea lover!

  12. Elli Rindler (verified owner)

    This was a great deal; this little whisk works great on my matcha every morning it is also fun to use because it is so light and beautifully crafted.

  13. Norah Esposto (verified owner)

    Perfect starter set for anyone looking to get into matcha. The ceremonial grade matcha is sweet, some hint of grass. The whisk is holding up well after a months of using.

  14. Shaniqua Maddry (verified owner)

    You wouldnt believe how much better your matcha tastes when made with the proper tools; the bamboo whisk makes all the difference.

  15. Joe Merola (verified owner)

    I had a hard time believing the reviews that the matcha whisk makes such a huge difference in preparing the matcha properly, but it is absolutely true. Before I got this set my matcha was chunky and I liked the taste but was not satisfied with the consistency. The whisk really does make all the difference.

  16. Renea Visco (verified owner)

    This matcha set is amazing, and is perfect to get you started at ceremonial teas. The tin was larger than I expected for a set, which was a nice surprise, so it will last you quite a bit! The whisk works beautifully.

  17. Hollis Norkin (verified owner)

    I wanted to get into drinking matcha so I got this set. The tea itself really good, a bit bitter at first, but I grew to like it. Im not super impressed with the whisk.

  18. Willette Tolden (verified owner)

    The matcha has a nice earthy/grassy taste which isnt bad but one to get use too. The set is nice providing not only the powder but bamboo whisk as well.

  19. Marni Loan (verified owner)

    AMAZING!! I just started drinking Matcha and this set has everything I need! The tea is great and the whisk seems well made. Me and my husband have drunk the whole tin already and will be ordering more tonight!

  20. Wai Tanski (verified owner)

    This is a great little starter set for Matcha tea. I have to admit until I ordered this; I used the typical rubber whisk. This system works much better due to the bamboo whisk so you can generate the speed to aerate the tea.

  21. Krystal Carbin (verified owner)

    Works as you would expect! The whisk seems of good quality and does its job. Great matcha rich green, smooth and with a bright, grassy, herby flavor. The powder separates well and does not clump.

  22. Lajuana Sance (verified owner)

    The whisk is Great quality, easy to use, easy to wash, and works. This ceremonial grade of matcha is excellent. Was very pleased with this product.

  23. Kayce Hoffine (verified owner)

    Do yourselves a favor and get this whisk! So far, I have been stirring my matcha, keeping a spoon in the cup to stir every time I drank from it. I didnt mind too much but thought Id give this a try total game changer!

  24. Chris Vache (verified owner)

    Perfect matcha for my morning tea! Great for a chilly morning. It makes a good cup of tea great!! You get all the powder mixed in the water with the whisk.

  25. Bernetta Kralik (verified owner)

    Love the refreshing feeling after drinking this tea! My tea tastes so much better using this whisk. It thoroughly blends and foams the tea.

  26. Sage Slyter (verified owner)

    Great tasting and a nice green color. Brews up dark. The bamboo whisk works so much better than the metal whisk, fork, etc. that Ive been using. The matcha dissolves beautifully.

  27. Lahoma Mckamey (verified owner)

    Delicious and exactly what I was looking for. Couldnt ask for anything else! The whisk really does disperse the matcha much better than trying to stir and stir! Glad that I finally bought this product.

  28. Daniela Trueheart (verified owner)

    Easy to clean and works like a charm. Loving that matcha tea. Highly recommend purchasing this whisk and matcha combo. Love this grassy blend of the Matcha. Perfect for making a matcha latte to rival the local coffee shops.

  29. Lisabeth Kalmbach (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a green tea that is healthy and enjoyable. I do not have to look any further. The whisk is perfect and makes for a smooth cup of matcha

  30. Dorris Grunst (verified owner)

    My entire family loves this tea. It is wonderful to drink on its own, but you can also make delicious desserts with it like matcha cake and homemade matcha ice cream! The whisk is excellent.

  31. Shin Courtney (verified owner)

    The matcha tastes great! Honestly have nothing bad to say about it. The whisk works really well just keep in mind to wash with cold water.

  32. Ellan Talsky (verified owner)

    Good! Im not 100% sure Im making this right, but this has got a great earthy, green flavor to it with just this HINT of sweetness and whisk mixes really well with no matcha clumps.

  33. Nikole Caravetta (verified owner)

    LOVE it. The bamboo whisk works great. This matcha has a really nice fragrance and flavor, lightly sweet and a bit vegetal. The powder is very fine and has a nice silky texture, and the color is a beautiful, vibrant green.

  34. Arielle Pettner (verified owner)

    This was one of my better investments. Ive had my eyes on this set for a while, and when I finally got it, I put it to good use right away. Matcha is a bit of an acquired taste, but the quality of the powder makes it easy to get used to. Its a stronger green tea taste, but its smooth.

  35. Brittaney Hamff (verified owner)

    If you are new to the matcha craze, this kit will make the experience easy and affordable. Its an overall inexpensive starter kit that will last.

  36. Keva Tsing (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and the perfect flavor youd expect from a quality matcha. I highly recommend Cuppa Tea for all your matcha needs!

  37. Ryan Hantz (verified owner)

    I am still playing around with matcha and trying to find the right balance for my tastes, because the matcha that comes with the set seemed to have a slight bitterness to it I didnt expect.

  38. Erna Mcwhinnie (verified owner)

    This set is a great value to compared to other companies Ive seen. Very pleasant light tea. Its also a good addition for an energy boost in fruit smoothies.

  39. Noella Vinegar (verified owner)

    I cant believe how beautifully packaged this gift set is and the high quality of the products. This would be a great gift for tea lovers, people who want to try a new tea, as in me, birthday or Christmas presents.

  40. Larraine Helminiak (verified owner)

    I am a daily matcha drinker and I would say this is by far the best matcha Ive had at this price point. I would highly recommend this for those new to matcha or open to trying something new. Do not go for the mall or grocery store brands; this is a far superior product!

  41. Tai Lofaso (verified owner)

    Best matcha Ive ever had!!! Smooth taste and bright green in color. Most matcha powders I have bought, even when they are organic and ceremonial grade, are a brown green. Meaning they have oxidized to some extent. Cuppa tea is so well packaged, and so pure, the powder is a bright green, which equals more antioxidants.

  42. Micah Sieg (verified owner)

    A cute starter set. It has everything you need to begin your matcha journey. The matcha itself is lovely and refreshing, like being enveloped in nature. Matcha is not for everybody, but this version is not as grassy as it is zesty, and it of course holds that wonderful unique creamy sensation as you drink it.

  43. Roberto Froman (verified owner)

    I purchased this matcha after trying several other brands. This one is my absolute favorite. I use it primarily for cold brew matcha but have had it warm also and it is just splendid both ways. It is very bright; almost neon green so I know it is nutrient rich and fresh matcha.

  44. Joseph Linquist (verified owner)

    I love this set as it seems to have everything to make a nice cup of Matcha tea but I wish it came with instructions on how to make it. I went to the website to try to figure it out and found it in there but I am still learning how to make the perfect cup.

  45. Naida Freet (verified owner)

    Its a lot better than the store bought matcha I bought beforehand. I think the smell of it when Im making the paste with it, smells amazing. Im looking forward to experimenting with it in lemonade or other drinks.

  46. Classie Sedy (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the taste of this tea. It has a bit of a bitter taste at first but after you sip it for a bit it really grows on you. Its a fine powder that when you use a whisk dissolves very nicely.

  47. Tyra Ackins (verified owner)

    I love drinking coffee in the morning, tea after lunch, beer or wine along with dinner. I also do enjoy variety of taste. So I understand some people may find matcha tea hard to appreciate but I ENJOY SO MUCH .

  48. Sharyn Simmers (verified owner)

    I consider myself a matcha enthusiast that knows a thing or two about the grades of matcha. This might be the best matcha Ive ever had! You have to be careful when buying matcha because there are several claims out there that simply are not true.

  49. Raelene Kearney (verified owner)

    SUPER GOOD MATCHA!! I took this with me on a camping trip and to my surprise waking up to a cup of this is amazing!

  50. Lanell Koppelman (verified owner)

    This is one of the best matchas I have tried. Its a nice bright green, which hearkens to its antioxidant properties; much richer than the matcha I usually buy at the health food store. It tastes bright and grassy.

  51. Gwenda Werre (verified owner)

    The tea has an authentic bitter taste which Ive grown to enjoy. I like it without milk now, but I started with soya milk and I dont think thats wrong.

  52. Reta Golub (verified owner)

    This is a really good matcha powder. I received this the other day and used it in my tea slightly…and the flavor was just marvelous.

  53. Roselyn Porada (verified owner)

    It is a little strong, but SO refreshing especially if you make iced matcha drinks. This is awesome. I would probably purchase this again I love it that much.

  54. Christin Maenaga (verified owner)

    Wonderful flavor compared to the others, lesser grades that Ive tried. Its full without that funky almost fishy aftertaste that matcha and green tea usually leave me with. It gave a boost almost immediately without the jitters.

  55. Refugia Tabone (verified owner)

    This product is literally amazing. Its one of the best green tea products that I ever had so far. This product did not have a bitter after taste and was easy to drink when brewed.

  56. Jeanelle Timmreck (verified owner)

    I normally get lazy or too busy to write reviews, even when Im happy with the product. But I “have” to make time to write for Cuppa Tea… simply because its one of the best teas I ever had in my life!! Im a tea lover, and always looking for good healthy tea. Aside from all the benefits to your health, it tastes smooth, not too weak or strong and very “velvety”.

  57. Ramonita Raciti (verified owner)

    I have more energy and am able to think a bit more clearly than what I did before using this product. I enjoyed using this product and I am hoping that I will be able to afford it in order to use it all the time.

  58. Jona Borkin (verified owner)

    Wow. This is some good Matcha. As soon as you pop open the tin, you can smell the aroma of green tea. It smells so delicious.

  59. Loise Delay (verified owner)

    I would definitely recommend making it the traditional way, by whisking and getting nice foam. I could smell this stuff all day right from the can. This is very good tea, and I would highly recommend it. I will be ordering more in the future.

  60. Danille Meshell (verified owner)

    I never EVER expected to like green tea. I usually get the regular supermarket tea bag and I absolutely HATE the after taste, but sometimes I would force myself to drink because I knew about the benefits.

  61. Zoe Hamming (verified owner)

    I think this matcha is delicious. It is sweet and creamy, though of course it still has a bite, it is green tea, after all, though a pleasant one. I would recommend saving the ceremonial grade matcha brewing as a drink, in order to fully appreciate it.

  62. Soila Merrell (verified owner)

    It is strong, so I dont use too much, but it does give me natural energy I need for my job. I use it in smoothies, which are good for me and gives me plenty of energy.

  63. Clelia Garcilazo (verified owner)

    I don t usually drink matcha, but I bought this to put in smoothies to add a boost. I cant really taste it, but I definitely feel like it gives me a good morning boost

  64. Jeannette Gieber (verified owner)

    This is by far the highest quality matcha I have tried! I love love love matcha! No joke matcha is getting me through college, haha! I do not drink coffee, but I will drink matcha at least once a day! I used to drink coffee until I discovered matcha.

  65. Jennette Mickulskis (verified owner)

    Seriously the best matcha I have ever had! Perfectly sweet, theres no sugar added, green, and aromatic. I never knew there were different grades of matcha.

  66. Alex Walkup (verified owner)

    I have never purchased matcha before but I thought it would be nice to have my own matcha powder considering that lattes at my favorite coffee places run me at least $5 6 a cup. This matcha product is vibrant and tastes like what I consider high quality tea. It also whisks in well with sugar and milk with no large lumps.

  67. Elizabet Bohmer (verified owner)

    I honestly have to say that I Im very proud to be able to try this product out because Ive had this tea before but it was premade and I didnt know that it came in a powder form so now I can add it to smoothies, cooking, baking and pretty much anything theres multiple purposes for it.

  68. Moriah Feisthamel (verified owner)

    I love adding matcha to my smoothies in the morning. I dont drink caffeine anymore because it makes me too jittery, but this is smooth. It tastes really great in coconut or hemp milk.

  69. Julianne Bystron (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this organic ceremonial tea for its rich and smooth flavor. I have used culinary matcha tea in the past. However, there is a definitely a difference between the two.

  70. Antoinette Ruegsegger (verified owner)

    A small scoop of this tea in an afternoon smoothie helped my energy levels go through the roof. I didnt find the taste bitter at all, neither did my husband.

  71. Shamika Mccumbers (verified owner)

    This was by far the best match green tea that I have ever consumed! The quality truly sets itself apart for other matcha green teas. I noticed that this green tea does not leave a bitter after taste like other lower quality green teas, but actually leaves a smooth and mellow taste and texture. The rich flavor is unprecedented and introduces a mesmerizing experience to your palate! BUY NOW!

  72. Angelika Cowherd (verified owner)

    I love matcha powder. Its a great addition to Smoothies and provides a nice little punch of antioxidants. This was good quality.

  73. Crystal Meitzler (verified owner)

    This matcha powder was perfect for matcha green drinks and matcha green tea. I have tried other powders that were really bitter, but this one has a pleasant taste.

  74. Ellena Priddy (verified owner)

    While some matcha can be quite pungent my first inhale upon opening the package was a very light almost floral background to it. This week Ive been adding it to my hot cereals & coconut smoothies that I make.

  75. Zandra Schwanke (verified owner)

    Im a Big Matcha Tea Drinker and love having this Tea Hot in the arriving winter. I love how earthly and Rich tasting this product is.

  76. Camilla Fodor (verified owner)

    This is very good matcha not gritty, clean flavor, no bitterness, not too grassy. I would say it is one of the better matchas I have tried and is an excellent complement to plain green tea, which I drink far more regularly.

  77. Lisandra Almazan (verified owner)

    The finished tea is both refreshing and pleasant tasting. I have tried a number of green teas before, and always added honey to counter the bitterness. However, this particular green tea does not have that bitter edge to it. In fact it is one of the best tasting green teas I have come across.

  78. Melissa Milot (verified owner)

    I drink a lot of green tea. I have to admit Im a bit of a snob when it comes to teas. You can tell right off the bat when you drink it that its a high quality tea. Highly recommended!

  79. Dulce Polidoro (verified owner)

    My husband and I both love this! We add it to our smoothies to give us a little boost of energy to get us over the midafternoon hump. It really does help us!

  80. Alysia Brost (verified owner)

    I must say that my experience was better than I expected. It wasnt bitter or astringent at all. Maybe its just this brand, but it was really smooth and flavorful. Its like green tea to the max and packed full of antioxidants!

  81. Debera Petrello (verified owner)

    A very smooth green tea flavor here. This is my first experience with matcha and I enjoyed the distinct feel and flavor. I dont know how often I will drink it, given the higher cost, but its an interesting tea experience and I am glad I tried it.

  82. Jocelyn Tweedle (verified owner)

    This matcha is delicious and mixes well. I have used it in Matcha lattes, Matcha lemonade and made a matcha cake with it, all of which came out amazing. Definitely a good high qualityproduct.

  83. Timothy Standafer (verified owner)

    Beautiful Green color, silky texture. Pop top to open. Have instructions on how to make it. Great flavor. Ive already drank so much my pee is going to turn green! LOL Yummy!

  84. Wilma Marczak (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! It leaves me with an abundance of energy and is very easy to make. I have tried it in my smoothies and as regular hot tea. I look forward to trying it in some other recipes.

  85. Peggie Tran (verified owner)

    Great quality for the price, tastes great plain, in a latte, as ice cream, etc. I honestly use it as a spice sometimes.

  86. Lexie Ryberg (verified owner)

    At first you might not be sure if this is a drink for you until you realize; you can add it to many things such as smoothies. You dont have drink as hot tea… Yum!!

  87. Prudence Hur (verified owner)

    This was my first time having Matcha at home, and it was delicious! The texture was better than I expected, and it tasted very soothing. Was a great substitution for morning coffee!

  88. Mari Tremel (verified owner)

    Im Japanese and very picky about green tea or matcha. This matcha is high quality and excellent price. The match is high benefit and easy to drink.

  89. Oma Armato (verified owner)

    Great! I didnt realize all the health benefits. With milk, it tastes great and doing it at home gets rid of all the sugar that Starbucks puts in. Fantastic!

  90. Luci Sarver (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. I can drink it all day. It is spendy but it is the highest quality matcha I have ever had the chance of trying. Next, I want to mix it with vanilla ice cream.

  91. Crista Bentle (verified owner)

    I love this for making both hot and iced matcha lattes using almond milk and honey. Have reordered and will order again.

  92. Noriko Mcclure (verified owner)

    Very fine powder and excellent taste! This is a tea where less is more and using reduced temperature water makes all the difference in the world to avoid bitterness.

  93. Lidia Whyard (verified owner)

    This was my first time with matcha and I loved it. I made a few cups of tea with it, added in a little powdered sugar because I made it too strong, and it was wonderful!, but I homemade green tea ice cream with this and that was the BEST ice cream I have ever tasted.

  94. Marquita Sayward (verified owner)

    I love this green tea powder! I have spent a tremendous amount of time in Japan in my life and I feel I know what good green tea powder is! Im spoiled from all of the times I enjoyed it over there! I think this powder tastes very good and does not have a lot of bitterness like others feel. It is great for smoothies and Lattes!

  95. Elodia Helmstetler (verified owner)

    Im not a matcha expert but I like that this is from Japan and the color is a nice bright green. The tea tastes earthy and smooth. I had a bag of matcha tea that is more for smoothies and baking and the color/quality difference between the lower grade matcha and this is pretty obvious.

  96. Mara Kaneshiro (verified owner)

    That was good, but Im really not much of a hot tea drinker, so my daughter & I whipped up some Matcha Lattes next with Matcha and almond milk and oh my goodness they were so good!

  97. Saundra Mcgath (verified owner)

    Excellent tasting Matcha Green Tea. I use it primarily in my smoothies, but I have drunk it by itself too, and is goes down real smooth. I dont have anything to compare this too as I have not tried other Matcha Green Tea, so just based on the fact I am a regular tea drinker, I say this is a good product.

  98. Garnet Sharlow (verified owner)

    Most other matchas were either too expensive or fell short on the taste or health benefits, non organic, etc.. I find the taste a bit on the milder side, smooth and good “grassy” flavor without running to the “seaweed” smell and taste.

  99. Lianne Middendorf (verified owner)

    This is my first time purchasing matcha tea but I am impressed so far with the quality and taste. I have made a few cups of tea so far and really enjoyed them! A little bit of this stuff goes a long way. I will hopefully try it out in some baked goods soon! Yum!

  100. Daina Huebner (verified owner)

    The taste is super fresh and it smells really nice as well. Even my husband, who doesnt like new, or green, things thought that it tasted good enough to drink, I added some honey for him!

  101. Tobie Wayde (verified owner)

    This tea is delicious without any sweetener. It tastes very pure and fresh. It is bright green in color, and packaged very well to preserve the tea powder.

  102. Hannah Blakemore (verified owner)

    The Matcha powder was very fresh. There was a pop when I opened it. Used it for a warm drink and loved it. Good quality. Proper container for keeping it fresh.

  103. Johnnie Imm (verified owner)

    This tea is fantastic! I will surely be ordering more. Service was very well done and fast! The product tastes of good quality and that is something I appreciate from them. I will 100% recommend this product to family and friends that love this tea!

  104. Vera Faulcon (verified owner)

    When you first open the bag it smells just like green tea ice cream you get in sushi restaurants. Its fragrant and smooth when made properly.

  105. Billy Ballantyne (verified owner)

    This is my first experience with Matcha Tea other than Starbucks. I wanted the “authentic” green tea ceremony taste experience. I am not disappointed!

  106. Lore Miyashita (verified owner)

    This matcha is freakin amazing!! The color is bright green; as soon as you open the container you can tell its quality stuff. I think the packaging is very cute too. In terms of the taste, I was surprised at how smooth it was.

  107. Lavelle Neiper (verified owner)

    The tea whisked into a beautiful froth without any grittiness. The taste was mild & refreshing. The color remained a vibrant & lustrous green.

  108. Matilda Ruhn (verified owner)

    My only other experience with matcha was a very bitter and disgusting flavor from a supposed “ceremonial grade” I had purchased in the past. I knew the health benefits but the flavor turned me off from matcha for years. This matcha is great. I have yet to try another ceremonial grade as they are really pricy no matter what you buy. But this stuff is definitely drinkable with next to zero bitterness, although slight. It as a mild sweetness to it.

  109. Kira Barberian (verified owner)

    I generally mix it with a bit of unsweetened almond milk and just a bit of stevia or another sweetener. Today I had it with just water.

  110. Lasonya Bhakta (verified owner)

    Just to let you know; I do not like tea, coffee, or anything caffeinated to begin with. So, thats probably why I never tried matcha tea before. My first time trying it was making it myself and I would have to say, that I am in love with it. I enjoy the process of making the tea.

  111. Karl Doukas (verified owner)

    Great tasting Matcha! I typically order Matcha from Japan but took a chance with this brand and was impressed. Will order again as it is a great deal!

  112. Joaquina Guialdo (verified owner)

    We ordered one can to try it out; we loved it and are already on can #3. This is the best matcha green tea ever!

  113. Estelle Caruso (verified owner)

    This tea is fresh and vibrant it pleases the senses no doubt! The smell is clean and earthy, the color bright, and the taste as it should be: full bodied, slightly sweet, with a touch of “veggie ness”.

  114. Justa Brownsword (verified owner)

    First time trying matcha tea and I have to say, Im pleased with the early results. Previously I depended on a cup of coffee to start each morning…

  115. Leatha Labine (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this green tea. I have tried several different brands and this is my favorite. I like to put a spoonful of organic coconut oil and honey in mine every morning. I am a former coffee addict and thought I was going to have a hard time transitioning to matcha but it has gone surprisingly well.

  116. Domitila Minatra (verified owner)

    First, I dont have enough words for this tea. Ground into a fine powder, these organic green tea leaves give you an insane energy boost with NO anxiety. I dont know how they do it.

  117. Herminia Rentie (verified owner)

    Great organic green tea. I mix in half a teaspoon with water, lemon and honey every morning before I head off to work and works much better than coffee, the clean energy stays with you.

  118. Ella Petras (verified owner)

    Delicious and absolutely fresh as the brilliant green color attests. Finely ground so it blends easily into my morning smoothies. Ive also become addicted to matcha lattes made with almond milk and a little bit of honey. So happy that something so yummy can also be so good for you.

  119. Violet Mease (verified owner)

    Its not cheap. But you get what you pay for. This is by far the best tasting vibrant green matcha I have had. Thank you for such a wonderful product! Will be purchasing again!!!

  120. Allie Galvani (verified owner)

    I have been putting it into my smoothies as well as drinking it. It does not taste bitter in my smoothie. Cant taste it at all. If I drink it straight I add a little extra water. Yummy, not bitter.

  121. Ruthann Paulas (verified owner)

    This is high quality matcha green tea. The flavor and aroma was perfect. My entire family enjoyed it as a matcha latte as well as eating it in the matcha cookies I had baked using it.

  122. Chun Kozola (verified owner)

    This lovely matcha is fresh and bright green with an earthy and alluring aroma. It whisks well and blended well with cashew milk and dark chocolate almond milk it was smooth and delicious. I know crazy way to drink it, but delicious.

  123. Addie Hennemann (verified owner)

    This matcha is yummy and it is of high quality. I will buy it again. It is worthwhile to look into how to properly prepare matcha, as it greatly improves the taste.

  124. Lala Tull (verified owner)

    This tea is awesome; very little powder goes a long way with this one, as it should for ceremonial grade. The flavor was one of the best that I have tried, not chalky or too grassy and it did not have a bitter aftertaste like some give you, even when prepared properly. I enjoyed this a lot and will be buying it again.

  125. Denese Densford (verified owner)

    Excellent color, foam, and suspension in water. Pricey for smoothies, but so worth it. If you enjoy the ceremonial variety of matcha, you have to try this one.

  126. Arnita Decent (verified owner)

    Great product!! Love it for the health benefits, energy, and immune system boost, but honestly it really has helped me lose weight consistently.

  127. Katina Vanproosdy (verified owner)

    I ordered this tea having had other matcha teas in other brands. I found this one to have the best flavor yet and a lovely vibrant color. I enjoy it thoroughly.

  128. Keena Mcguinness (verified owner)

    I LOVE anything with green tea in it. I tested several brands and this is definitely my favorite one. I used it to make a Green Tea Smoothie, and it turned out great. The quality of the matcha is very good, and it wasnt too bitter. I will definitely re order

  129. Felisa Falvey (verified owner)

    Bought this tea for my girlfriend and she was very impressed by the color, scent, and flavor! She showed it to me side by side with her other matcha, and while I didnt taste either, the difference in scent and color was night and day. She was very pleased.

  130. Desirae Hannahs (verified owner)

    I love that this came with a whisk. It was so easy to prepare when I followed all the directions. I have been experimenting by adding different fruit flavors.

  131. Johnsie Janner (verified owner)

    I did not expect to fall in love with it, but it was a good deal. I got a great tasting matcha and a whisk that help to ensure every brew is perfect.

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