Premium Blueberry Matcha

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Matcha Blueberry takes CuppaTea’s Premium Matcha and combines it with a natural blueberry flavor. Wildly popular in Japan, the Matcha Blueberry blend is becoming a favorite choice for tea and coffee shops and now you can enjoy it in your own home!

Serving Size – 4g (1 Tsp)
Servings Per Package – 25


61 in stock (can be backordered)

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61 in stock (can be backordered)

Amazing Blueberry Flavor: Want something that packs more of a punch “flavor-wise” than regular Matcha? CuppaTea offers a delicious Premium Blueberry Matcha that will deliver a sensational flavor and warm delight to your taste buds. Once you taste the sweet blueberry flavor, you will ask yourself why you haven’t been drinking it all this time. Made with the best natural ingredients you will experience the wonders that nature has to offer.

Antioxidant Powerhouse: Every sip of Matcha is packed with a high dosage of antioxidants compared to any other “superfood” on the planet. Antioxidants are good because they protect the body from harmful things like chronic disease and infections, meaning more is good. Antioxidants are also known to have anti-aging benefits. Your morning brew should have health benefits and that is what Cuppa Tea Matchas offers.

Completely Organic: No GMOs were used to create this Matcha. This means that our tea is 100% natural and free of toxins. Our Matcha contains significantly more minerals and nutrients than any other tea that is made from GMOs. At Cuppa Tea, our Matcha has also been certified as organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We take customer satisfaction seriously and so we only offer the best products.

Better Alertness than Coffee: Sure, coffee makes you alert! But it is the kind of alertness that is quick to dissipate and leave you feeling drowsy. The after effect or the “crash” feels terrible. This happens because the caffeine in coffee is released quickly, giving you a feeling of alertness that is erratic and short lived. On the other hand, Matcha contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that releases caffeine at a slower pace, which makes the alertness you experience calmer and long-lasting. You can be alert without worry about the “crash”.

All Natural Ingredients: Unprocessed cane sugar, Pure 100% Matcha green tea from Japan, Natural Blueberry Flavor. Loaded with antioxidants and low caffeine.

Hot Tea Brewing Method: Bring filtered or freshly drawn water to a rolling boil and let cool to roughly 180 degrees F. Place approximately 1 tsp of Blueberry Matcha in your cup. Infuse with 8oz/250ml of water, whisk briskly and enjoy.

Iced Matcha: Add 1 tsp of Blueberry Matcha powder for every 8oz/250ml of water, blend with ice and enjoy.

Blueberry Matcha Smoothie: Add 1 cup of crushed ice and 1 tablespoon of Blueberry Matcha, 8 ounces soy, almond or regular milk. Blend for 30 seconds and enjoy!

Weight 2. oz

119 reviews for Premium Blueberry Matcha

  1. Tamar Moment (verified owner)

    I have this every morning. I love the blueberry taste.

  2. Ty Westervoorde (verified owner)

    It is pure light, healthy matcha tea. A superior product to start your day instead of normal tea.

  3. Jamila Husni (verified owner)

    It is an excellent product. I got it two days before the expected delivery date. I recommend it!!

  4. Brian Parlor (verified owner)

    This is an old favourite. Just love the aroma and taste of red premium blueberry matcha tea.

  5. Angla Nattiah (verified owner)

    The tea is strong, and I’ve always liked the brand. I also line natural blueberry flavor.

  6. Vinita Carter (verified owner)

    I buy this tea for my mom, she loves it every morning. Good product. Thank you.

  7. Martin Rojek (verified owner)

    It is really good. Loved every sip.

  8. Kirby Pacholec (verified owner)

    I purchase this Australia. The extra shipping is worth every cent. The quality and taste is fantastic.

  9. Geoffrey Gondran (verified owner)

    My favorite tea amongst all other brands. It has a good taste and great aroma.

  10. Trish Headman (verified owner)

    Refreshing taste and soothing aroma. I also love the natural blue berry flavor.

  11. Gus Noerenberg (verified owner)

    Thank you for making the best tea I’ve ever had (insanely tasty flavors), having the most amazing packaging (literally, every single detail about the ackaging) and the best customer care ever!

  12. Val Cranmore (verified owner)

    This tea is soooo good. The dry tea smells like melted blueberry-flavoured chocolate.

  13. Jewell Pottorff (verified owner)

    This blueberry matcha tea I break out when I want to celebrate, or am in need of some serious comforting. So good. 🙂

  14. Jannette Mathelier (verified owner)

    The aroma is so intensely rich and so incredible. I just loved it.

  15. Gilberto Denno (verified owner)

    I’m in love. Can’t help it, this tea is wonderful.

  16. Tameka Weikel (verified owner)

    A truly great tea! It is good for health too.

  17. Sam Getter (verified owner)

    Very nice tea! Tastes almost exactly like blueberry.

  18. Ariane Rieber (verified owner)

    The taste is what you’d expect. Also helping me to lose weight.

  19. Eleni Kalenkoski (verified owner)

    The Blueberry Matcha is very tasty the flavor is awesome, and the aroma of blueberry is sooo amazing make me feel all fuzzy and warm.

  20. Maren Kokenge (verified owner)

    Tastes great iced or blended in a magic bullet or hot in a mug like coffee! Found recipes on Pinterest and went from there. Wonderful!

  21. Tracie Coutino (verified owner)

    So delicious! It even smells scrumptious. I love it with cold milk, sometimes with my protein shakes, especially during this hot summer. It is replacing my coffee urges lol.

  22. Gena Bruzek (verified owner)

    This tea tastes great! This is my first time tasting Matcha, and I am aware that Matcha in general has a not so friendly taste. However, this Blueberry Matcha is so yummy!

  23. Anita Riggi (verified owner)

    I love Matcha tea and this is one of my favorites. I recently had a relative staying at the house and a she loved it so much she bought it as soon as she got home!

  24. Tonda Pannunzio (verified owner)

    Excellent taste and quality, I enjoyed this product very much. It is very good hot, has a nice vanilla flavor as is. I would recommend to anyone.

  25. Jaclyn Hayenga (verified owner)

    Awesome tea! I will continue to order the tea as long as it is available, as I have tried the other sellers and they are not as good this Blueberry Matcha.

  26. Felicitas Mansfield (verified owner)

    Love! The product is great for overall wellness, and the customer service is fabulous. The packaging is really user friendly for keeping the tea fresh.

  27. Bell Guilmain (verified owner)

    The best quality tea and smooth great tasting Matcha tea I have purchased. Delicious and very fresh, could not do without it, well done Cuppa Tea for an awesome product.

  28. Trudie Buemi (verified owner)

    The flavor is good overall, best tea I ever had. I drink it three times a day and will continue to order it every month.

  29. Zofia Stommes (verified owner)

    It is very smooth, dissolves well, and has a nice blueberry flavor. Make sure you follow the instructions to get the desired taste, you will be very happy.

  30. Maxima Finneran (verified owner)

    The Matcha Blueberry tea that I received is beyond what I expected!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my order! I will be shopping here for my Matcha again!! Thank you Cuppa Tea!!

  31. Brandi Ichikawa (verified owner)

    Pure excellence!! My only complaint is I wish you sold it in larger sizes. Maybe you could give it some thought? Look forward to seeing it happen.

  32. Erinn Golob (verified owner)

    I have never tried Matcha, but it is surprisingly pleasant and refreshing hot or cold. Five stars CuppaTea, looking forward to even more flavors, thanks!

  33. Merry Budge (verified owner)

    My husband and I have tried most of the teas on this site and love all of them, however, we must say that so far, the Blueberry is very appealing in aroma and taste.

  34. Candi Rigler (verified owner)

    The tea is super easy to make, I love that all I had to was mix it into the hot water, no waiting for it to steep. The tea is very flavorful, you can taste both the green tea and blueberry quite well.

  35. Clemencia Luyando (verified owner)

    I have been a tea drinker for quite some time, but I have my old reliable flavors that I stick with because I have had some bad experiences with new flavors over the years. Spotting the Blueberry Matcha with green tea was a kicker for me. Happy!

  36. Edyth Brosnahan (verified owner)

    Great flavor, I tried this product after reading that the plain Matcha green tea had an acquired taste, so I thought I would break into the Match world with the Blueberry flavor. Glad I did!

  37. Palmira Derosa (verified owner)

    You should know that there are many health benefits to Matcha; It is packed with antioxidants, including powerful EGCg; boosts metabolism and burns calories, detoxifies effectively and naturally; calms the mind and relaxes the body; is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins; enhances mood and aids in concentration; provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium and lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.

  38. Brenda Grebin (verified owner)

    I have been using this tea for the last week, and I can definitely see the difference in my energy! In the beginning I took this in the morning for as my breakfast tea and it keeps me energized and full till noon.

  39. Astrid Jn (verified owner)

    I can say that making tea with this Matcha tea powder tastes better than the shops I would be going to for my Matcha latte. Not only that, the Blueberry gives it a big plus.

  40. Tamekia Guardian (verified owner)

    Nothing better than a Matcha, and it being Blueberry to boot, wow! Made some and gave out taste samples at work, most of the staff ask for the website to order their own!

  41. Lizeth Gronquist (verified owner)

    I would recommend this to everyone who are in love with Matcha tea or tea in general. Seems like I will have to get my second bag soon as well!

  42. Ferne Soohoo (verified owner)

    with the Blueberry, I add some frozen blueberries then use an immersion blender to really mix the powder with the liquid. While the blender pulverizes the berries, it gives the Matcha a wonderful frothy quality that remains until I finish my drink.

  43. Karima Neighbours (verified owner)

    What I love about Matcha is that I do not feel the jittery, wired feeling after consuming it, unlike the caffeine in coffee. The energized feeling lasts for hours without the nasty energy drop that you get with coffee.

  44. Carmel Cutshall (verified owner)

    Blueberry Matcha; Delicious. This lighter in flavor with a natural blueberry flavor. I am an avid Green Tea Matcha drinker, and I drink it daily.

  45. Sanora Morales (verified owner)

    This is a nice addition to my standard unblended matcha. The flavor tastes natural without an artificial aftertaste. This is a great flavor with all the benefits of Matcha.

  46. Rhonda Monteith (verified owner)

    I prefer my teas unsweetened, however, although the Blueberry Matcha has cane sugar in it I was surprised that the Blueberry was still delightful in taste.

  47. Gertude Pavia (verified owner)

    I normally hate how Matcha tastes, nothing I do to it can mask the taste, but Cuppa Tea Blueberry Matcha is soooooo good! Compared to traditional Matcha this one rocks!

  48. Otilia Cronce (verified owner)

    The Blueberry is truly the stand out note, the flavor is not overpowering but just balances very well with the matcha itself. The powder mixes very well indicating good quality matcha.

  49. Kasha Rampey (verified owner)

    I wanted this powder to put into my morning protein/fruit smoothies. I combine banana, blackberries, strawberries and flax-seed mix, must say it tastes stupendous!

  50. Faviola Mirabella (verified owner)

    The health benefits are brilliant, what better way to start your morning off. Blueberry Matcha hot, cold, iced or smoothies, so many fabulous choices to pick from.

  51. Lorretta Hamiss (verified owner)

    So so good. The taste of this blueberry matcha was out of this world good. Yummmmmy! Over all, I am thoroughly pleased with the product and plan to buy again.

  52. Tommye Ewens (verified owner)

    Sublime product with natural ingredients, the sugar cane was not over sweet, blended very well. Great aroma. Mixed just under two teaspoons with 8oz water. Perfect!

  53. Laurene Bullie (verified owner)

    Just gotten back into training at the Gym some guy was giving out ready-made samples of the Vanilla Matcha, it was rather nice. However, after getting the link to this site I saw the Blueberry matcha to my delight, I make smoothies with it every day to drink after my hard work out.

  54. Stephine Larzazs (verified owner)

    Highly recommended. Just the right amount of sweetness and easier to whisk than other Matchas, which can get clumpy even with rigorous whisking. Well priced for the quality.

  55. Elodia Beuttel (verified owner)

    CuppaTea has done it again, intrigued me to no end. What an appealing tea is Blueberry Matcha, great for your body and probably my soul lol.

  56. Luann Pellant (verified owner)

    Despite the green color, this tea unbelievably has a great taste. I could tell that my energy level went up as I drank the tea. Super good!

  57. Corliss Pitz (verified owner)

    We were pleasantly surprised to find that I was not bitter and has a distinct blueberry flavor. This is a great way to introduce yourself to Matcha.

  58. Earlie Surita (verified owner)

    mmmmm nothing says hello like a blueberry matcha smoothie in the morning, definitely wakes me up! My daughter loves these too before leaving for college.

  59. Jayne Mosca (verified owner)

    If you like blueberry it is really worth a try! There are so many good options to pick from. I am having trouble trying to decide which one to pick next.

  60. Lise Camelin (verified owner)

    While I was making this a latte, I took a sip of the matcha made with a bit of hot water and a little more sugar and found the blueberry flavor has an even better taste! I have a sweet tooth what can I say

  61. Kaycee Bertog (verified owner)

    That fact that blueberries are good anti-depressants and keeps you fresh, active, sharp, fit and in a good mood, this is a fantastic matcha to drink.

  62. Rolande Wilhelmy (verified owner)

    Love the texture of this tea, when whisked to a froth, looks like a green tea smoothie! Pleasantly balanced and smooth, will buy more today.

  63. Laree Beal (verified owner)

    Blueberry matcha has become my favorite matcha or green tea product. The flavor is excellent and goes great with a little milk, such a superb taste.

  64. Elizebeth Trobough (verified owner)

    This is a very high-quality product, and I recommend it to anyone looking to purchase Matcha. I love the blueberry flavor, from CuppaTea only

  65. Lelia Lomas (verified owner)

    Blueberry bliss! Enjoy this matcha iced by the pool in the Caribbean, what better way to spend the afternoon. Just heavenly if you add a little vodka in it:->

  66. Rosie Storjohann (verified owner)

    Together the components of blueberry and matcha blend together well to bring out sweet notes and a rich flavor in this magnificent beverage. What are you waiting for?!

  67. Lizeth Zawislak (verified owner)

    Probably my favorite of the flavored Matchas, some of the other brands were a bit too subtle for me, but this one knocked it out of the park.

  68. Lita Argulewicz (verified owner)

    I knew I was going to love this one, and I was right, just like with the raspberry, it has enough flavor to compliment the smell and taste of the matcha but not enough to overpower it.

  69. Luetta Seiavitch (verified owner)

    I use this in my yogurt smoothies in the morning, it has an earthy taste like all matcha but added some honey and it balances out very nicely with added frozen blueberries.

  70. Laveta Mendicino (verified owner)

    Although I am not a matcha lover, this blueberry matcha gives enough flavor to mask the grassy taste I get when I drink plain matcha.

  71. Josphine Koc (verified owner)

    I found that to speed up whisking/mixing time, use a tiny mesh strainer or mesh tea steepers and push or sift it through the mesh for a finer powder, as small can occur the more matcha is exposed to air.

  72. Lavonia Zenger (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious! Delicate and genuine blueberry flavor, and the matcha is vibrant and very finely milled. I take it with me everywhere I go, LOVE IT!

  73. Nydia Jusko (verified owner)

    Delightfully blueberry flavored. Most that claim to be blueberry only smell like it, this has a nice blueberry flavor without over shadowing the typical matcha taste.

  74. Jule Bateson (verified owner)

    This flavor is a great start to my day, a cup in the morning, and I love the resealable pouch, it goes straight into my bag for a cup in the afternoon at the office!

  75. Christena Franckowiak (verified owner)

    I my blueberry matcha as a smoothie, frozen banana, non-sweetened Almond milk, cup of pineapple, cup of blueberries. Since this matcha has cane sugar there no need to add sweeteners.

  76. Yvette Figart (verified owner)

    Amazing blend, if you like Matcha for its benefits, but not so much for flavor, then this is a plus two, sweet taste and benefit of matcha and great benefits from the blueberries.

  77. Teresa Knittle (verified owner)

    My children 6 and 8 years love this in a milk shake, best way to get them keeping healthy for school, especially in the class and sports!

  78. Brittni Sikorski (verified owner)

    Healthy, nutritious, refreshing, and utterly delicious! This is how I start my day with a creamy blueberry matcha smoothie, with everything you need to start the day off right.

  79. Lorilee Mcduffey (verified owner)

    CuppaTea has amazing selection of teas, I commend them for the freshness, aroma and taste, there is not one that I do not like, but of course my favorite of all time is the blueberry.

  80. Ida Klun (verified owner)

    You know it has taken me a long time to find a blueberry matcha that actually tastes as described, I was going to give up and try something different. Thank goodness for perseverance!

  81. Taina Trickett (verified owner)

    Not a tea drinker in general let alone a Matcha drinker, but really wanted the benefits it provides, thank god for blueberry matcha, otherwise I would have given it up.

  82. Vina Nahl (verified owner)

    My mum moaned and moaned at me to give matcha a try, particularly the blueberry saying I would like it, with all the high intensity training that I do I would benefit. Well, no one like a know all, but mothers always seem to be right!

  83. Lynell Mediano (verified owner)

    One of our top favorite Matcha teas, so refreshingly tasty, full of flavor. Try it you will not regret it, it is a great experience. I know I didnt regret it

  84. Juliette Ehrle (verified owner)

    I love this Blueberry Matcha! I used to get my Matcha from a local Tea shop and enjoyed a 16 oz cup every morning. I was upset when the shop went out of business, I tried other sellers, but none compares to Cuppa Teas Blueberry Matcha!

  85. Lorenza Krauss (verified owner)

    I ordered this tea hoping to find something similar to a tea I buy from our local drive through, so happy to find that its a lot better.

  86. Nada Hoberek (verified owner)

    I love the flavor of this tea. Now I have got my mum hooked on it as well, she thinks its the bees knees. I really have to agree with her : )

  87. Patricia Pinch (verified owner)

    I cannot believe how good this Blueberry Matcha is, if you are hesitating on whether to buy this, dont, it is worth the try.

  88. Maryetta Gaub (verified owner)

    Just perfect a blend, it tastes good, no bitterness! I havent been able to drink plain Matcha but this one is excellent. I highly recommend.

  89. Isabell Guerreiro (verified owner)

    My mum and me think the Blueberry Matcha is the best, the blueberry gives it just a little sweetness, just perfect for us since we dont take sugar.

  90. Jeanett Lindgren (verified owner)

    Just love this tea, tastes great in smoothies as well as iced, couldnt be happier. Believe it or not, I tried it by making latte hot tea with almond milk tasted pretty good!

  91. Renate Vernet (verified owner)

    Great iced, always have mine before my jog, gives a great boost of energy. Rarely go anywhere without it, drink it every day regardless of what Im doing.

  92. Perry Sieber (verified owner)

    This is my first batch of Matcha (ever!) and Im so glad I decided to start with the Blueberry. I drink mine cold over ice, will definitely be a repeat customer.

  93. Idella Eastlick (verified owner)

    Everything about this tea is fantastic! I will absolutely be ordering more. The blueberry is amazing, cant wait to try the other flavors, which will be very soon.

  94. Otha Hinchey (verified owner)

    I prefer my Blueberry Matcha cold, I can taste the blueberry better, also a teaspoon of honey makes it tastier and makes it sweeter, if you dont take sugar dont add any sweeteners.

  95. Vada Stayton (verified owner)

    The minute I opened the bag the aroma was so refreshing. A very good scent, and hands down, this is most likely the best Matcha tea Ive ever tasted.

  96. Georgann Vietzke (verified owner)

    Im a matcha addict, and other than my daily cup of matcha and/or matcha latte, I love pretty much matcha everything. So naturally when I saw Blueberry Matcha my interest was piqued. The smell of blueberries is so wonderful, not an artificial or exaggerated smell, just a really lovely smell of fresh blueberries that hits your nose.

  97. Karole Kooken (verified owner)

    This tea doesnt really taste like the typical matcha. It doesnt have that flavor that makes you think youre munching on a pile of leaves. I actually like the flavor, and the vibrant green color.

  98. Henrietta Leach (verified owner)

    We are fans and are so happy that we found a way to get our green tea and all the anti-oxidants in every day without suffering through the horrible taste that some Matchas have!

  99. Lauren Frenzel (verified owner)

    Over all I really like this, its a tasty flavored tea and it is likely a healthier alternative to the premixed one found in the stores.

  100. Lakesha Shover (verified owner)

    Wow its really freaking good. Thats the bottom line, its the real deal, Ive had a lot of good matcha before and this stuff is up there. If youre a blueberry lover like me then its a dream come true:->

  101. Joi Cansler (verified owner)

    I had very high expectations after reading the reviews on the Blueberry Matcha, however, after tasting mine I can say that Im very far from disappointed.

  102. Ozella Spradlin (verified owner)

    I wasnt sure if I would like the Matcha so I took a risk and I am so glad that I did. I actually liked the light flavor, Its a good change from plain old water.

  103. Aleta Ganin (verified owner)

    This stuff smells divine and tastes good both hot and cold as a tea. I havent tried a smoothie yet but can only assume that it will be just as delicious.

  104. Mikaela Startz (verified owner)

    This tea is scrummy, every sip was full of Blueberry flavor I generally do not like fruit flavored Matcha, however, Ill make an exception with this one!

  105. Towanda Angis (verified owner)

    I found that my Blueberry flavoring was stronger this time around, but I didnt over power the Matcha flavor, so it was perfect. I love how versatile it can be, I added a bit of milk to the remainder and it tasted just like a warm milkshake!

  106. Denna Vanelli (verified owner)

    It is the best flavored matcha I have had thus far. It is almost like drinking blueberry tea because the matchs bitterness is super gentle.

  107. Vanetta Hennigan (verified owner)

    The flavor of this matcha is very clean, I really enjoyed it. It is right on par with my expectations, so much better than some of the other blueberry matchas Ive tasted.

  108. Enedina Maizes (verified owner)

    By far my favorite of the matchas, it has a nice breathy blueberry flavor that is not too overpowering but is still noticeable. Its also nice blending it with other green teas.

  109. Shanita Buissereth (verified owner)

    Delicious! I was drinking matcha for the benefits but didnt care much for the taste of the unflavored matcha tea. I love the taste of the blueberry matcha, now Im enjoying the flavor and the health benefits.

  110. Sunny Shetz (verified owner)

    Matcha newbies should make this their first try, youll be blown away by the aroma alone, the flavor is exciting and crisp. Dont talk about how the smoothies taste, yum yum!

  111. Julianne Humphry (verified owner)

    I love this website! If youre looking for high quality grade matcha, this is the best place to get it, everything smells deliriously fresh and natural as does the taste.

  112. Lena Carrethers (verified owner)

    At last something my father likes! With the benefits from both the matcha and blueberries, he is so happy, he doesnt pull a face every time he is drinking his matcha now

  113. Sage Freddrick (verified owner)

    Yayyy! At last I found what Ive been look for, with the right blend, and taste that suits me very well. Intend to buy three pouches today to give to my family.

  114. In Paterno (verified owner)

    I didnt know anything about match when I tried this from the sample bundle. I loved it so much that I had to get more for myself.

  115. Halina Hoge (verified owner)

    I am in love with this tea! Placing my third order today.I have tried other flavored blends and this by far knocks it outta the ball park!

  116. Kira Zibert (verified owner)

    On the go, this is great,I just add it to my hot water and Im off to work! Im not really a breakfast or coffee person so having tea on the go is good.

  117. Creola Saletta (verified owner)

    One word. AMAZING! This is my 4th bag and it is so good and smooth, I am still wondering if it is real Matcha! I prefer the Blueberry over the vanilla.

  118. So Gushwa (verified owner)

    I learned that if you make hot matcha dont add boiling water immediately, let it cool down for a few seconds,this trick improves the taste.

  119. Iesha Turli (verified owner)

    I find the distinctive flavoring does a perfect job here,it does taste more blueberry than matcha, but enough green tea taste to remind you its matcha.

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