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Health Benefits of Matcha Powder?

Matcha Tea is a powdered green tea that is traditionally from Japan where it is used for its numerous health benefits and amazing taste. At CuppaTea, our Matcha is carefully grown in the shade to maintain its high nutritional content and then grounded to a powder that you can use in multiple ways and still derive health benefits. Whether you are a tea lover or more of a morning smoothie kind of person, Matcha Tea can easily become a part of your daily routine. If you prefer tasty snacks, we have Matcha that can be baked into some of your favorite treats. You can also read about the history of Matcha to get familiar with where Matcha powder originated.

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A serving of Matcha tea packs as much nutrients as 10 cups of your regular green brew! It’s fresh and super healthy!

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By consuming just one cup of Matcha Green Tea, you will obtain all the nutrients from the leaf! Nothing is lost because you deserve all the health benefits. Studies have shown that Matcha powder contains over 130 more antioxidants than your regular green brew. This is because the entire leaf is grounded into a powder so that you can consume all the nutrients it has to offer.

A single cup of CuppaTea’s Matcha powder equals the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regularly brewed green tea. That’s a whole lot of nutrients!

Teas made from Matcha are some of the healthiest variants on the market. CuppaTea offers a variety of Matcha flavors so that you can find the one that is right for you, your family and your friends. Matcha powder is definitely not your regular green tea! It is way better!

Is Matcha beneficial for your health?

Here are some things you should know:

  • Matcha powder is loaded with antioxidants including EGC’s so that it can help you to keep you looking young and healthy.
  • It is a natural and powerful detoxifier
  • Consuming Matcha boosts your body’s metabolism and also helps you burn excess calories. It’s perfect for people who are looking to lose those extra pounds the healthy way.
  • Matcha has a calming effect on the senses, which can help you relax after a hard day’s work. You can get the therapeutic calm from this ‘therapeutic drink’ without going to the spa!
  • Matcha has a high fiber content, as well as a good dose of vitamins and Chlorophyll.
  • Matcha is known to improve a person’s mood, fight against depression, and improve concentration and productivity.
  • It’s an excellent source of Vitamin C, Chromium, Selenium, Magnesium and Zinc.
  • Matcha helps to fight various diseases and illnesses.
  • It reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels

So why do we refer to Matcha powder as a ‘super antioxidant?

These days, it’s common to hear about foods that have excellent antioxidative properties. Matcha is one of them. One of the most profound health benefits of Matcha is its antioxidant property. With every sip you take, there are loads of antioxidants that are ingested into your system. Now, ‘antioxidant’ is a word that pops up every now and then in the world of food and nutrition. We are sure you have heard it, so we want to ensure that you understand what it means. Simply put, an antioxidant is a naturally-occurring substance that, when ingested, helps the body to fight off diseases and prevent premature aging by keeping body cells healthy and virile.

Matcha is loaded with natural antioxidants that will help you to stay young and healthy as well as slow down the aging process. When it comes to green teas, Matcha’s antioxidant properties are second to none because there is more in a single brew. Why drink 10 cups of Matcha Green Tea for the same benefits that you can get from 1 cup of Matcha? According to research done by leading nutritional experts, Matcha powder packs far more antioxidants than most ‘Superfoods. That is why it is a super antioxidant.

Why are antioxidants essential?

Think of antioxidants as your body’s defense agents, like the Secret Service is to the President. These chemicals do everything from preventing premature aging and tissue damage, o destroying disease-causing organisms before they can affect the body. They are your body’s first line of defense against illnesses. The more antioxidants you have present in your bloodstream, the more protected you are from various diseases and infections. Many Cardiologists believe that consuming food or fluids that are rich in antioxidants can dramatically decrease your likelihood of developing heart disease. At Cuppa Tea, we make consuming antioxidants easy and delicious with our premium selection of Matcha Green Tea.

How does Matcha compare to other antioxidants?

Experts at Tufts University used a method of testing called ORAC (Oxygen Radical-absorbance Capacity) to measure the extent to which Matcha tea absorbs free radicals in the body. Matcha was found to absorb up to 20 times more free radicals than a pomegranate or handful of Blueberries. The final ORAC rating of Matcha was around 1573 units/gram as against 105 units/gram and 93 units/gram for Pomegranates and Blueberries respectively. This means that is the best of the three, so you can have it in your tea or bake it in your favorite treats.

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Why is Matcha Tea Catechins Important for Anti-Cancer Diets?

Catechins are powerful anti-oxidative chemicals which are not found in other foods but are found in abundance in Matcha.

There is a certain Catechin that we must tell you about. It is called the EGC (Epigallocatechin Gallate) and it helps to fight and prevent the build-up of cancerous cells. The ECG is one of the most important naturally-occurring chemicals in Matcha. Dr. Kristi Pado Funk from the Pink Lotus Breats center in Beverly Hills believed that you can reduce your risk of developing breast cancer by drinking 3 cups of green tea. Imagine what you can achieve with only one cup of Matcha. Ina single drink you can consume all the nutrients found in 10 cups of green tea including EGC that is known to fight against cancer. Besides preventing and fighting off cancerous cells, the EGC component of Matcha can protect the body against the negative effects of free radicals that could come from air pollution, ultraviolet rays, harmful chemicals, and radiation. These contaminants could lead to cell and DNA damage if left unchecked, that is why it is good to always try and consume antioxidants. With the right Matcha brew you can get all the antioxidants you need at breakfast, lunch or before bed. At Cuppa Tea, we also offer a Baker’s Blend Matcha powder that you can use in your cookies, cakes, and pies. You can get the health benefits with the same great taste of your favorite dessert.


Over 60% of Catechins contained in Matcha are purely EGC.

This means that daily consumption could help to protect and boost your body’s natural capacity to fight off all kinds of diseases.

60% EGC
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Can I Lose Weight with Matcha Tea?

Yes, that is what you read. Since Matcha is almost calorie-free, it is great to integrate it into your weight loss regimen as it can increase your metabolism and help to burn your excess fat. Our Matcha powder is sugar-free, non-flavored, and so it will not cause an increase in your blood sugar or insulin levels. Experts have posited that Matcha could cause the body to burn four times more calories than regular a green brew. A daily habit of drinking Matcha, in addition to exercise, could yield great weight loss benefits!

The great thing is Matcha powder does not increase heart rate or blood pressure. So it should not affect your ability to exercise as you normally do. This makes it a more viable alternative to most over-the-counter medications and a host of other weight loss products.

Matcha Powder vs Loose Leaf Tea?

Every single day, people waste valuable minerals and antioxidants simply because they don’t know how beneficial they could be for their health. For instance, whenever you make a cup of regular green tea, the nutrients you are getting is limited because the water can only absorb a limited amount of nutrients. Ultimately, the remainder of the nutrients gets lost during the brewing process, because are not in your cup.

The only way you can obtain the maximum benefits of a tea leaf is to ingest the whole leaf. We are not exactly recommending that you consume a leaf, because you do not have to! Having a cup of Matcha would do the job just fine! Since Matcha is a stone-ground tea leaf, it offers a lot more vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants than other green tea variants. It’s certainly one of the healthiest teas you can find today! And it tastes great.

At CuppaTea, we take our customers and their particular tastes seriously. We have customer reviews on our website and we occasionally get emails with customers telling us what they like and what they don’t. We have formulated numerous flavor options that are all packed with the same highly nutritious content so that you can choose the Matcha that works for your taste buds.

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Detox With Chlorophyll Rich Matcha

Green, as they say, is the color of good health! Matcha helps our body to rid itself of unwanted and harmful toxins which accumulate from the foods we eat, pollutants flying around in the air, free radicals in our bloodstream, and a lot more harmful things that we hardly ever think about.

Chlorophyll is the basic element responsible for giving the variants of green tea their unique color. It is also a very potent detoxifier capable of removing heavy metals and other chemicals from our bodies. Matcha is grown in the shade to ensure that it is packed with a greater amount go Chlorophyll than other green tea variants. This makes Matcha gar superior where its detox capabilities are concerned.

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L-theanine Amino Acid that will Boost your Focus

Many, many years ago Matcha was introduced to Japan as an alternative to certain meditation. The monks brewed and drank Matcha throughout the day to help them stay calm and alert because they had to sit and focus for long hours. At CuppaTea, we recognize the need to have aid when you need to focus or stay alert. Whether you are studying for exams, or you are working on an important project, Matcha can help you focus. It helped the monks, it has already helped out customers and it can help you.

The secret being focused is the L-theanine that is found in Matcha. This is an amino acid that induces a state of relaxation by creating what is called ‘Alpha waves’, which promote simultaneous alertness and calm. Studies have shown that L-theanine also improves short-term memory! We could all use a memory boost right?!


Can Matcha help your Arthritis?

Another great health benefit of Matcha is that it can dramatically boost your energy levels when you consume it. Researchers initially thought that the energy-boosting properties of Matcha were due to its Caffeine content. Eventually, it was discovered that it was a combination of Matcha’s natural rejuvenating properties that led to a boost in overall energy levels of the body after it was consumed.

Another study posited that Matcha can increase the body’s physical endurance level by as much as 24% shortly after consuming it. This should be great news for people who engage in energy-demanding activities like sports and industrial work. But even if you don’t engage in any grueling physical activity on a daily basis, Matcha can supply your body with a healthy dose of energy to get you through the day!


Can I boost energy levels with Matcha?

Remember that we told you there are high levels of catechins in Matcha? There is also a high amount of inflammation-fighting vitamins. Because of this drinking Matcha regularly can reduce and relieve arthritic symptoms. Matcha has many health benefits that you can explore. You can easily add necessary nutrient to your diet by adding a few spoons of Matcha to your favorite Smoothie or a hot cup of tea. CuppaTea thrives on satisfied customers, so we offer the best Matcha there is on the market. There are a number of flavors you can choose from to ensure that your unique is satisfied.  Do you need a Boost? Whether for your health or your energy Matcha may be what you need. Find your perfect flavor and let CuppaTea deliver your selection to your doorstep.

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