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Links to interesting collectibles sites, stores, and more. Not a huge list - I try to keep the links current and interesting. Pour yourself a nice hot cuppatea and enjoy.


Best Web Sites

Some terrific sites to help with research or just browse around


Cuppatea has the best list of American Belleek marks

Hey, that's Me!


My Cuppatique store on Etsy

Find American Belleek, vintage housewares, cross stitch and crewel kits, handmade Christmas stockings and more



Search Ebay for completed auctions and sales, American Belleek


Search Ebay for completed auctions and sales, all Belleek


Tips on How to Research Values and Where to Sell

Article I wrote for Yahoo


Article on Belleek Marks and Selling Tips

Article I wrote on Squidoo


The Most Amazing Belleek Auction Ever

Article I wrote on Cuppatea


Live Auctioneers

One of the best on-line auction houses to search for Belleek and American Belleek. Registration is free, you can see sale history on thousands of Belleek items.



Specializing in antiques and collectibles. They're on TV, they write books, and have a web site too! You have to register to get detailed information, but it's quick and free.


Belleek International Collectors Society, UK

This link takes you to a page of Unique Belleek items.


A Few Forums

Found a few fun forums, stop by and chat with fellow collectors. Forums need interested and active people to make them helpful and lively, so come on over and share some of your thoughts.


IAntiques Forums, Classifieds, and More

Great web site to connect with other collectors and dealers. Hope the forums get more active. Registration is free and you can post blogs and classified ads, talk about your antique store, and more.


Pennsylvania Antiques Forum

Very nice setup, lots of potential. Fellow on-line seller has set up a forum and mini mall for antiques and collectibles.


Lenny's Alice in Wonderland Site

Interesting and active forum on Alice in Wonderland. Some very esoteric discussions for the Alice fan.



Has been around a while, moderator is very active and helpful.


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