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On December 19, 2010, Belhorn Auctions at ran a fabulous auction of over 600 Belleek items. Many were antique and unusual pieces. Most were Irish Belleek, although there were a few pieces of American Belleek and other makers. All came from one New York collection. I found the auction through


The entire auction was on-line. Belhorn did an expert job of providing accurate descriptions and pictures of items, including the marks. I sat enthralled for hours watching the lovely pieces and lively bidding. I bid on many but they quickly went out of my budget range. I happily ended with a beautiful Ott & Brewer teacup and saucer to add to my American Belleek collection.


I asked Greg Belhorn, owner of Belhorn auctions, for more information about the auction since there were so many amazing Belleek items for sale. Greg was kind enough to provide the following:


This auction consisted of a single-owner collection from Buffalo, New York. The owner came to a decision to sell her collection based on the intent to downsize her residence. We had the pleasure of meeting her in September when we picked up her collection, which was beautifully displayed in her residence in a fabulous Gothic Revival building erected in 1929.


We had a total of 221 bidders register for the auction. In addition to bidders from the United States, international bidders from the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and other countries participated. This was of course a concern based on the timing of the auction, knowing people from literally opposite sides of the Earth would be participating. What may have been convenient timing in the middle of the day for one bidder may have been the middle of the night for another. In the end, I think the day (Sunday) and timing (10:00 AM Eastern) worked as well as could be expected for all involved.


See the pictures on the right for some of my favorite and most unique items from the auction. To see the entire collection, go to Belhorn Belleek Auction


Greg also provided advice for those wanting to sell their Belleek collection:


I think the number one priority for anyone considering selling their collection of Belleek at auction is that the auction company provides some form of internet bidding. Based on the high numbers of people from outside the US who participated in the auction, itís clear that internet bidding is a necessity. Since we recommended to the seller that this auction be conducted entirely online, we offered the catalog on more than one platform. Furthermore, any auction company chosen to handle a large collection should have a thorough knowledge of how to identify pieces, markings, condition, etc. There is such a wide range of value put on pieces based on their period of manufacture and condition that these issues are of the utmost importance to identify in the catalog.


I will add my auction tips:


Buyers: Register early if you are interested in an on-line auction. You can place bids ahead of time. Be prepared to pay a Buyers Premium (a percentage fee) and arrange for shipping.


Sellers: Check several places to see how much items similar to yours are actually selling for. One of the best places is where you can search by several different auction houses. Make sure the auction house will provide complete information on and pictures of your items.


A huge "Thank You!" to this collector who found and cared for all of these pieces of Belleek history then had the heart to share them with collectors from all over the world. If it weren't for her, most of us would never have the chance to see them.


Comparatively, I am a mere novice at collecting. My American Belleek collection has a Willet's Belleek tea set and about twenty other pieces.

Click here to see details about American Belleek Marks.




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Belleek Beetle Or Fly Matchbox - 1st Black sold for $1,650



Belleek Grand Piano - 6th Green sold for $550

According to Greg, in at least one of the major references on Belleek it is discussed that no more than 100 of the pianos were made and that a more realistic number is around 50.


Belleek Bird's Nest Wall Bracket - 1st Black sold for $725

Belleek Crocodile Or Dragon Spill Vase - 2nd Black sold for a whopping $5,250



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