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Several American companies produced porcelain with a Belleek mark in the late 1800s/early 1900s.


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In 1863 an upstart American company called Ott & Brewer started producing a version of the Irish Belleek, and their products had marks which included the word Belleek. Other American companies that included Belleek in their marks were the Willets Manufacturing Company, the Ceramic Art Company - which became Lenox, Morris & Willmore (Columbian Art Pottery Co.), Perlee Incorporated, California Belleek, and more.


From what I can find, the word Belleek was no longer used in American wares after 1930. Perlee was a latecomer to the American Belleek trend and may have used that mark up until 1930. Lenox is the only one still in business, and they stopped using the Belleek mark in 1926.


The following list is not comprehensive I'm sure, but it is what I've found out so far. Information was gleaned from a variety of resources and is correct to the best of my knowledge, but please use your own judgement. All of these companies except Lenox are out of business, and Lenox does not have an "official" listing of marks on their web sites.


See for an interesting history of American potteries in Trenton, New Jersey.



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From my collection or with permission. See table


Dating American Belleek

Below is a table with a list of American Belleek marks I've found. While some of these companies have earlier and later marks, these show marks that actually include the word Belleek.







Description or Picture

Picture of Item matching Mark

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American Beleek Company


I can't find out anything about this one, found the piece at the auction of a huge Belleek collection. Very unusual, good quality, but spells Beleek with just one "l"


Arc at top says

The Fine China


Banner says

American Beleek Company


Bottom text isn't readable

American Beleek Company, what is it? Cigar holder?

California Belleek


Can't find out much about Strikow except that he was crafting porcelain items in the early 1900s, and that he used the name California Belleek on his wares.

Early 1900s to 1920s

California Belleek Dainty demitasse decorated with flowers




California Belleek violin candy dish



Coxon Pottery, Wooster, Ohio


Coxon Belleek cup and saucer, a little beauty!


Early 1900s to 1920s?

Delicate Gordon Belleek cup and saucer





CAC is Ceramic Art Company, which later became Lenox.

Lovely hand painted CAC Belleek Stein / Tankard




Mark can be green or black






Three piece Lenox Belleek compote/server, palette mark


Detailed design in handpainted Lenox Belleek open salt



Floral shallow Morgan Belleek soup bowl, Wild Rose pattern



Morgan Belleek teacup and saucer, Victoria pattern

Morris & Willmore (Columbian Art Pottery Co)












Example from 1899


Morris and Willmore fabulous souvenir cup from the Davids Society New York 6th annual dinner, March 1 1899




Ott & Brewer


Belleek above, O&B below

Lovely pink-tinted Ott and Brewer teacup and saucer



Ott and Brewer Belleek small mug



Delicate Perlee Belleek teapot, detailed floral artwork

Rittenhouse and Evans (American Art China Co.)


Hmmmm still looking for my Rittenhouse and Evans, preferably a teacup and saucer. This American Belleek brand is rare.







Classic Willets Belleek Tankard, hand painted and signed!


Art Deco Willets Belleek Sugar Bowl, hand painted


Willets Belleek tea set

Detail on Willets Belleek tea set





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